The Rough Rider by Maisey Yates ~ New Release



A Four Corners Ranch Novel


Return to Maisey Yates’s fan-favorite Four Corners for a marriage of convenience between two unlikely souls—a hopeless romantic and a man who has long given up hope in THE ROUGH RIDER.




The Rough Rider by Maisey Yates COVER


Four Corners Ranch #4


384 Pages, Canary Street Press

PUB DATE: July 25, 2023


When Alaina finds herself pregnant and alone, she knows she’s in a tight spot. Small towns like hers tend to raise eyebrows at unwed mothers, and she knows the vicious gossip mill will soon be churning. Thankfully, her ruggedly stoic childhood protector, Gus McCloud, knows a thing or two about guarding secrets. Offering Alaina a marriage on paper is the least he can do.

As a hardworking rancher, Gus is well equipped to provide for Alaina and her baby. And despite plans for a solitary life, he wants to. He knows what it’s like to be an outsider, especially after a traumatic childhood left him with scars inside and out. Alaina has long dreamed of a fairy-tale romance, but as the growing fire between her and Gus starts feeling real enough to burn, she questions what that means. Maybe her fake marriage to Gus is the real love she’s been missing all along.







Four Corners Ranch

Book 1: Unbridled Cowboy
Book 2: 
Merry Christmas Cowboy (our review)
Book 3: 
Cowboy Wild
Book 4: 
The Rough Rider
Book 5: 
The Holiday Heartbreaker
Book 6: 
The Troublemaker



Four Corners Ranch Novellas

Book #0.5: Her First Christmas Cowboy
Book #1.5: The Cowboy She Loves to Hate (our review)
Book #2.5: Once Upon a Cowboy (our review)
Book #3.5: Her Cowboy Prince Charming
Book #4.5: Her Wayward Cowboy (our review)




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About Maisey Yates

Maisey Yates is a New York Times bestselling author of over one hundred romance novels. Whether she’s writing strong, hard working cowboys, dissolute princes or multigenerational family stories, she loves getting lost in fictional worlds. An avid knitter with a dangerous yarn addiction and an aversion to housework, Maisey lives with her husband and three kids in rural Oregon.

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