Rating System


Okie Dreams Top Pick

I loved this book!

I couldn’t put it down and highly recommend it.

Going on my keeper shelf!

* * *

5 Stars

An amazing, not to be missed read.

Excellent characterization and fantastic storytelling.

I loved it! Don’t miss this book!

* * *

4 Stars

A great read.

Solid writing and good characterization.

I enjoyed it and recommend reading it.

* * *

3 Stars

An okay read.

Likable characters and good writing.

I liked it and recommend checking it out.

* * *

2 Stars

I didn’t connect with the characters or the story much.

I can appreciate the writing enough to know that others might like it.

Not for me. But might be for someone else.

* * *

1 Star

This book failed to catch my attention at all.

Might be writing, characters, or overall story structure, but I couldn’t get into it.

I probably didn’t finish this read.

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