Deep State by Chris Hauty (Pre-Order)

I received an E-ARC of this book a few days ago and already, I’m deeply engrossed in the story. If you haven’t heard of this one already, I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot about it very soon. Deep State by Chris Hauty doesn’t release until January 7th 2020, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to keep this one on your radar and add it to your list of pre-order books! 

Deep State by Chris Hauty

Deep State by Chris Hauty

In this white-knuckled, timely, and whip-smart debut thriller, a deadly plot against the president’s life emerges from the shadows of the Deep State.

Recently elected President Richard Monroe—populist, controversial, and divisive—is at the center of an increasingly polarized Washington, DC. Never has the partisan drama been so tense or the paranoia so rampant. In the midst of contentious political turf wars, the White House chief of staff is found dead in his house. A tenacious intern discovers a single, ominous clue that suggests he died from something other than natural causes, and that a wide-ranging conspiracy is running beneath the surface of everyday events: powerful government figures are scheming to undermine the rule of law—and democracy itself. Allies are exposed as enemies, once-dependable authorities fall under suspicion, and no one seems to be who they say they are. The unthinkable is happening. The Deep State is real. Who will die to keep its secrets and who will kill to uncover the truth?

Hardcover, 288 pages

Genre: Thrillers

Publisher/Imprint: Emily Bestler Books | Atria Books | Simon & Schuster

Publication Date: January 7th 2020

What Others Are Saying

“The plot…rings eerily true…will keep you turning the pages well into the night.” —Jack Carr, former Navy SEAL and acclaimed author of The Terminal List and the upcoming July 2019 release, True Believer


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Deep State by Chris Hauty

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