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The Ship of Dreams by Gareth Russell (Upcoming Release)

In this original and meticulously researched narrative history, the author of the “stunning” (The Sunday Times) Young and Damned and Fair uses the sinking of the Titanic as a prism through which to examine the end of the Edwardian era and the seismic shift modernity brought to the Anglo-American world. 

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The Secret Language of Stones by M.J. Rose

The Secret Language of Stones is a beautifully written, vividly detailed piece of historical fiction that brought a part of the past to life while also giving it a little extra magic to reshape its lost walls. Written in first person, with the heroine Opaline serving as narrator, it was all too easy to get swept up in this breathtaking story that contains an entertaining and intriguing mix of history, magic, mystery, romance, suspense, and a fascinating dose of paranormal escapism.

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