Weekly Wrap-Up 04-10-2022


WEEKLY WRAP-UP 04-10-2022




Today on Okie Dreams, we are posting a weekly wrap-up of all the posts for this past week. We had a busy week here overall. We have cover reveals, excerpt reveals, book reviews, new releases,  and more. So, if you missed a post during the week, now’s your chance to catch up on what’s happening on the site. These are posted each Sunday at 8pm CST.


  1. [4 Apr] Focus by Anna Brooks ★★★★
  2. [4 Apr] Whiskey Dreams by Taryn Rivers ★★★★½
  3. [6 Apr] Love You Like That by Scarlett Cole ~ Cover Reveal
  4. [7 Apr] Filthy Little Tease by Alex Grayson ★★★★
  5. [8 Apr] The Medic by Anna Hackett ~ New Release
  6. [8 Apr] Professor Astor by Catharina Maura ~ New Release
  7. [10 Apr] Weekly Wrap-Up 04-10-2022




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