Review: Tell Me You Want Me by Joya Ryan

Tell Me You Want Me

Search and Seduce

Book Two

Joya Ryan

159 Pages

Release Date: 01/04/2016

Publisher: Entangled Publishing | Imprint: Brazen

Genre: Romance Contemporary Romance Series Romance

Series: Search and Seduce


She’s getting dirty with the bad boy…

Determined to find her inner badass and save her business, boutique owner Michelle Ruby signs up for a twenty-four hour survival class. Except, she’s the only person who registered, and the guide is a sex-on-a-stick G.I. Joe come to life. Between his massive muscles, smoldering blue eyes, and “there’s no crying in camping” attitude, she’s in trouble…in more ways than one.

Search and rescue squad member Dex Young never thought he’d be roped into teaching “survival skills” to pageant queens. His sole student is upper class, upper state, and sexy as hell. And he has a sneaking suspicion that beneath her tight updo and designer jeans, there’s a sex kitten waiting to claw her way out.

But Dex knows women like her. Knows they only bring guys like him home to piss off their daddies. If it’s the bad boy experience she wants, she’ll get it. And Dex? Well, he can’t wait to find out just how dirty Michelle’s willing to get…


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*ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review*

Tell Me You Want Me, book two in Entangled Brazen author Joya Ryan’s Search and Seduce series, is a good, solid, romance read. In the story, boutique owner Michelle Ruby, a woman determined to prove she can survive without the wealth and security that comes with living the life her parents and ex-fiancé want her to live, faces off against Dex Young, a bad boy search and rescue member who thinks he knows everything he needs to know about rich girls like Michelle, women who are only looking for an adventure until the next new thing comes along. Except it quickly becomes apparent that Michelle is different, and much more so than Dex first thought.

This story is pretty much a classic case of two people from different worlds meeting under unusual circumstances and forced to spend time together. It’s bad boy meets good girl, rich woman meets poor man, with a few twists thrown in along the way, and I have to say, I enjoyed this read a lot. It was entertaining, fun, and well-written.

Dex has a serious chip on his shoulder in regards to his upbringing and his experiences with wealthy people, and while part of that is understandable, it’s also just as clear that he needs to overcome that character flaw. For Michelle’s part, she lacks belief in herself, but even as she doubts herself, she’s still determined to prove she’s more than just the rich girl upbringing she once let herself hide behind.

I really liked the characters of Michelle and Dex, and I felt like the challenges they presented to each other were not only believable but perfect for who they are as individuals. They had to learn how to deal with each other, both in their snap judgment first impressions of each other and in the unwanted, unexpected sexual attraction that popped up between them. Author Joya Ryan did a fantastic job handling everything between these characters, giving readers a classic romantic and sexy love story they can sit back, read, relax, and simply enjoy.




National and international bestselling author Joya Ryan is the author of the Shattered series, which includes Break Me SlowlyPossess Me Slowly, andCapture Me Slowly. She has also written the Sweet Torment series, which includes Breathe You In and Only You. Passionate about both cooking and dancing (despite not being too skilled at the latter), she loves spending time at home. Along with her husband and her two sons, she resides in California.

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