Big Brawny Mechanic by Cassi Hart ~ Review by Deanna

All my life I’ve come to expect lemons.

Lemon foster parents, lemon schools, lemon relationships, and now the car I spent my life savings on is indeed a lemon.

I am stranded on the side of the road when my best friend sends someone to save me. He is big, rough, tattooed, and everything I have ever wanted in a man.

Our attraction is instantaneous and I know he’s the only man I could ever give my V-Card to.

It looks like my luck is finally changing.

The only problem is that our love is forbidden… because Jack Knight is my best friend’s Dad.

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Ghost by Kat Blackthorne ~ Heather’s Book Review

Blythe Pearl is no stranger when it comes to trouble as it seems to follow her wherever she goes. Running from her past leads Blythe to a new town, Ash Grove, where nothing is what it seems. Upon meeting The Halloween Boys, Blythe’s world is turned upside down, and her life begins to take a new and unexpected path.

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