Liam Payne Releases Second Single “Bedroom Floor”

English singer-songwriter and One Direction band member Liam Payne releases second single “Bedroom Floor“. The song is rumored to be about girlfriend Cheryl Cole‘s one-time intention to break up with him…over the phone. Co-written with fellow pop artist Charlie Puth and six others, the airy new pop track is sure to be an instant favorite with it’s strong hook and falsetto charm. 

At a little over three minutes in length, “Bedroom Floor” is a fun, slick sounding tune that calls to mind a host of former boy band members’ songs. Ones with the same kind of high falsetto that Payne easily utilizes on this newest pop track. But unlike the songs released by his musical predecessors, “Bedroom Floor” contains the kind of witty, modernized lyrics that fans of today can relate to and quickly memorize. It’s a song that, even on repeat, sounds fresh. And it will no doubt be a fun song to sing around the house, in concert, or simply out and about somewhere.

Bedroom Floor” marks the first true solo song by Payne, with his previous singles “Strip That Down” featuring Quavo and “Get Low” done in collaboration with Zedd. If this is the style of music we can expect on Payne’s upcoming debut solo album (out January 2018!), fans can rest easy because it will no doubt be worth the wait it takes to get there.

Current Single: Bedroom Floor | Released: October 20th 2017

Songwriters: Liam Payne, Charlie Puth, lil aaron, Jacob Kasher, Ammar Malik, Noel Zancanella, Aaron Jennings & Steve Mac

Label: Capital Records | Management: Doyen Global 

Past Singles: Strip That Down (feat. Quavo) | Get Low (with Zedd)

Official Sites: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Music Online: YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Amazon | Vevo |  iHeartRadio

Liam Payne Releases Second Single Bedroom Floor
Source: Capital Records

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