Never Look at the Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels (Review)

Never Look At The Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels

Never look at the empty seats by Charlie DanielsNever Look at the Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Format: E-ARC | Source: Publisher
Genre: Biography & Memoir | Music | Country
Pages: 288
Pub Date: October 24th 2017
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The Incredible Story of a Country Music Legend 

Few artists have left a more indelible mark on America’s musical landscape than Charlie Daniels.

Readers will experience a soft, personal side of Charlie Daniels that has never before been documented. In his own words, he presents the path from his post-depression childhood to performing for millions as one of the most successful country acts of all time and what he has learned along the way. The book also includes insights into the many musicians that orbited Charlie’s world, including Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette and many more.

Charlie was officially inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016, shortly before his 80th birthday. He now shares the inside stories, reflections, and rare personal photographs from his earliest days in the 1940s to his self-taught guitar and fiddle playing high school days of the fifties through his rise to music stardom in the seventies, eighties and beyond.

Charlie Daniels presents a life lesson for all of us regardless of profession:

“Walk on stage with a positive attitude. Your troubles are your own and are not included in the ticket price. Some nights you have more to give than others, but put it all out there every show. You’re concerned with the people who showed up, not the ones who didn’t. So give them a show and…Never look at the empty seats!”

Book Review

NEVER LOOK AT THE EMPTY SEATS is a straightforward autobiographical account by one of country music’s biggest icons, Charlie Daniels. In the book, Daniels gives readers a unrefined, honest look into his life and what led him to become one of country music’s greatest talents and most beloved stars.

Well-written and completely engrossing, NEVER LOOK AT THE EMPTY SEATS is a rare, candid glimpse of the hard work, dedication, and passion of a true musical legend. Taking readers from the early days of his youth through the days of War and high school football and after, Daniels presents his life, his lessons, and his choices with matter-of-fact realness.


Charlie Daniels takes great strides to give readers his take on his musical beginnings. From the bitter disappointments to the highs of performing and earning a wage, Daniels speaks to a time when radio shows were big and television was in its infancy. A time when Elvis Presley was a name few knew and rockabilly had yet to arrive on the musical scene.

With engaging candor, Daniels opens up about learning how to play different instruments and falling in love with rock and roll. About working a full time job while playing music at night and on the weekends. About trusting in his dreams and following his heart and instincts, no matter how small they might be and seem at the time.


This is a book that chronicles a true musical legacy while also giving fans and readers a rare glimpse of the man behind the talent. If you’ve ever been curious about Charlie Daniels and his road to musical success, this book will take you behind the scenes of a brilliant career that spans over six decades. With immeasurable insight into changing times and new genres of music, Daniels teaches us that anything is possible with courage, hard work, true grit, and passion.

An excellent biography by a man who’s seen and done it all, NEVER LOOK AT THE EMPTY SEATS by Charlie Daniels is a must-read book that country music fans and aspiring musicians are bound to love. I know I did.

5 Stars

NEVER LOOK AT THE EMPTY SEATS will be released on Tuesday, October 24th 2017.

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A tale of hard work, musical discovery, and faith, Charlie Daniels’s journey has been one of a kind. Equal parts rebel-rouser and apostle, it’s no small coincidence he launched his career by beating the Devil with a fiddle in hand. I love this man, the things he stands for, and his music. What a story.

—Brad Paisley, Grammy Award-Winning Singer and Songwriter

Charlie is so up-front and friendly, we all assume we know everything there is to know about him. Not so. There is so much about Charlie’s life in this book that it would and could make a great movie, or even better, a long-running series . . . very informative and interesting. We all love Charlie, me more than most. Enjoy the book. I did.

—Dolly Parton, Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, and Actress

Charlie takes you inside stories of his amazing family, his discovery of music, and his fight to make it in a profession that most just don’t! He shares the why, who, and how of really hard times taught him life lessons, and those wonderful events and people that he is proud of and celebrates in his book. Read it for yourself . . . this amazing man has a story for us all.

—Phillip Fulmer, 2012 College Football Hall of Fame

About Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, businessman, and actor. He is known for his contributions to country, bluegrass, gospel and Southern rock music. He is perhaps best known for his number one country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” which won a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group in 1979 as well as single of the year at the Country Music Association Awards. He married his wife, Hazel, in 1963. Together, they have one son, Charlie Daniels, Jr.

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