Kissing My Brother’s Best Friend by Lana Dash is the first book in the author’s new sweet and steamy short romance series, Just a Kiss.





What is it about first kisses and unrequited love? Second chances and forbidden romances? No matter how many times I read these kinds of stories, I always enjoy the heck of the journey the characters go on. Because let’s be real here. No matter how many times those well-known plot elements appear in a story, each tale is unique because of the characters, their history, and the situations they find themselves in.

Kissing My Brother’s Best Friend by Lana Dash could have been like any other story with the first kiss, the unrequited love, and the second chance and forbidden romance elements. And yet, the characters made it different. They were fun, with real human emotions, and I felt for them right from the start, especially Devrie who didn’t quite know her own worth at the beginning of this story.

Alec, the brother’s best friend, is a good guy who did a kind thing that hasn’t stopped being a thing since it happened. Neither Alec nor Devrie have been able to forget about the forbidden kiss they shared that night so long ago, her first kiss. But despite knowing nothing could happen between them, then or now, they still find themselves eager to spend time together once her brother suggests it. Get to know each other as adults, instead of the teenagers they once were.

Which is exactly where the trouble starts.

With one illicit kiss already between them, it’s hard for Devrie and Alec to keep things platonic. Because they never actually stopped wanting each other. Except their being together could wreck Alec’s friendship with her brother, and with that threat hanging over their heads, they decide it’s best to not give into their feelings. Until they really can’t fight it anymore.

I’ve been a fan of Lana Dash for a while now. I love her short curvy romances, and this one was another prime example of why. The characters pulled me in right from the start and the storyline kept me engaged. I enjoyed how things started and developed between the leads. The novella is well-written, and a great way to spend an hour of reading. So, if you’re like me and love a good second chance/forbidden/unrequited love romance, this might be a good book to check out.





Kissing My Brother's Best Friend by Lana Dash
Series: Just a Kiss #1
Published by Last Chapter Press LLC on September 29, 2022
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance Short Reads
Pages: 52
Format: eBook, Kindle Unlimited
Source: Amazon Purchase
Buy: Amazon | Goodreads
RATING: four-stars

He kissed me once as a joke. He’s not joking anymore.

Things are finally looking up for me—a new job, a new city, and a new life without the annoying watchful eye of my older brother.

That is until Denny calls me up, insisting I meet with his best friend. Obviously, he wants Alec to keep an eye on me to ensure I don’t get into any trouble in the city.

I haven’t seen Alec in years, not since that last summer before I left for college. I doubt Denny would be so quick to push us together if he knew Alec was the first boy to kiss me—not that I’d expect Alec to remember.

When we finally meet up, there’s something in the way he looks at me that says he isn’t seeing me as his best friend’s little sister anymore, but he’s slow to make any moves. Is the tension between us all in my head? Or will a kiss change our lives forever?



JUST A KISS is a series of short, sweet, and steamy romantic comedies about curvy women searching for their happily ever after and finding it after just a kiss. Read KISSING MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND if you enjoy secret romances, childhood crushes that are all grown up, and protective older brothers. 




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Lana Dash writes short, sweet, steamy romances that will leave you swiping for more. From blue-collar bad boys to rugged mountain men, you will find a book boyfriend to swoon over in the span of your hour-long lunch break.

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