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Dear Billionaire Boss


Dear Billionaire Boss is the first book in a short, fun, curvy girl romance series by author Lana Dash


Good afternoon, folks. We are back again with a book review for Dear Billionaire Boss by Lana Dash. This super short romance read comes in at 35 pages and is the first book in Dash’s Sincerely Yours series. At present, all 16 books in the series are available on Amazon and in KU (Kindle Unlimited). Thus far, I have read 11 of the 16 books in this series and have enjoyed them all.


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Dear Billionaire Boss ReviewDear Billionaire Boss is a quick, steamy, one-sitting romance read. The premise is fun and provides a great way to get the two main characters together while also setting up the series as a whole.

Writing a love letter to a crush? Check. Someone mailing said romance letter out despite vowing not to do it? Check. Crushes receiving the love letter and acting on it? Check. Check. Check. 

I really enjoyed Maren and Grayson in this. Though this was such a short read, the story was well-told and the romance itself worked well for the given length of the book. And I loved the friendship of the ladies in this because not only did they bond over their unrequited crushes, they actually took the time to write out their thoughts and desires, leading to them finally doing something rather than yearning from afar. Such a fun little series. Definitely worth reading if you have some time and you are looking for a few short, steamy romance stories to fill an hour or so of reading time.


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The SINCERELY YOURS series contains short, sweet, and steamy standalone romance stories about curvy women finding love after accidently sending out love letters to the crushes in their lives. Read DEAR BILLIONAIRE BOSS if you like a boss and assistant relationship, secret love, and a steamy romance that will leave you wanting to pen your own love letter to the secret crush in your life.



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About Lana Dash

Lana Dash writes short, sweet, steamy romances that will leave you swiping for more. From blue-collar bad boys to rugged mountain men, you will find a book boyfriend to swoon over in the span of your hour-long lunch break.

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