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Binge read the alpha bad boy Callahan brothers completed trilogy! This box set includes all three books of the Dirty Second Chances series filled from cover to cover with sizzling romance and all the steam you can handle. Second chance romances, age gap, grumpy sunshine and more all await you inside!

BONUS CONTENT: Get a HOT AF single dad rockstar romance inside that is not published anywhere else!




Dirty Second Chances Complete Collection by Penelope Wylde COVER



Penelope Wylde

369 Pages, Self-Published

PUB DATE: July 10, 2023


Book One: Going Deep, a virgin / age gap romance

She’s the virgin and he’s the sexy alpha who can’t get enough.

I don’t mind a knight in shining armor, when his pillow talk is dirty enough to make a hooker blush. But when my gorgeous, green-eyed one-night stand discovers my V-Card his protectiveness leaves me wondering if there could be more.

Much more.

He promises to go deep and teach me all there is to know about sex and when in Vegas…well, no one says no, right? And I get bonus points if it counts toward research.

But when it comes to love, can an addictive flaming hot one-night fling become a forever thing?

Book Two: Down on Me, a filthy second chance romance

He’s the alpha bad boy and she’s the quiet dancer with a heart so tender she’s afraid to love again.

I’ve come back to Las Vegas with one goal. To reclaim my wife. To show her I’m a better version of the man she married.

And I’ll use every dirty trick in the book to steal her heart again and reclaim what’s mine.

Here comes the bride. Again, and again…

Book Three: In Too Deep, a grumpy sunshine second chance rom-com romance

He’s the hot, possessive FBI agent back to claim what is his and she’s the no-nonsense ex-con mom-to-be.

I’m an ex-con and resident of Sin City. Living here, I’ve seen a lot. But nothing ever prepared me for being recruited by the FBI in exchange for staying out of a set of handcuffs. Nor did I see a fake marriage to Special Agent Cillian Callahan—uber alpha and way-too-sinfully gorgeous.

But the honeymoon felt all too real. Nothing fake about the heat we generated. Cashing in my V-card was a nice exchange. Win-win, right?

So I thought. Once the assignment was over, the wedding rings came off. But surprise. Life loves giving little gifts and I didn’t get to walk away from our deal scot-free.

Since the wedding was fake, I saw no need to share the news. But now Cillian is back with his own news. He wants to turn our make-believe love story into a real-life fairytale.

But are the stakes too high? It’s not only me I have to watch out for now. Can fake love turn real?

BONUS CONTENT: Rocked Deep, a best friend’s little sister / age gap romance

I’m the single dad Rockstar, she’s the irresistible nanny.

She’s also my best friend’s little sister. The untouchable little sister I promised to keep my hands off of after hiring her.

My fantasies on the other hand…well, they are as filthy as they come and it’s only a matter of time before I share each one with her. Peyton has come to mean the world to me, but despite those pretty honey eyes and sexy curves, she’s way too young for me; far too innocent for a man who wants to possess everything there is to have about the sweet, curvy brunette.

As a man always in the limelight there are a lot of temptations I’ve been able to walk away from but she’s proving to be more than I can resist.

I’m no angel, nor a saint; it comes with the job description. So I stop fighting it.

Tonight, I’ll crush the boundaries keeping us apart and claim the nanny. I’m taking her as mine, and when I do, I won’t stop until I pull out her darkest of secrets and share my own.








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About Penelope Wylde

Penelope Wylde loves playing on the dark side of romance, making her characters work for their happily-ever-after. Join her for a twisted ride through the gritty shadows before reaching the light. That is, if you dare to be WYLDE.

She writes overly possessive heroes and anti-heroes who are pure sinners at heart who bring enough heat to the pages to melt your hearts…and your panties. Billionaires, mafia, reverse harem, and bikers…the more forbidden the romance the more she loves to peel back the layers and discover what makes her characters tick.

She makes a wicked margarita mix, owns two hundred shades of red nail polish and is always found reading one forbidden romance or another when she’s not writing.

If you love your romance dark, wicked, and WYLDE, you’re in the right place!

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