Could Brenda Barrett be on her way back to Port Charles?

Could Brenda Barrett be on her way back to Port Charles? Fans sure think so.

Online fan speculation has swirled in recent weeks thanks to a teasing series of tweets between General Hospital actors Maurice Bernard (Sonny) and Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda). These sweetly worded, carefully crafted tweets appear to suggest that Brenda Barrett and her portrayer, Vanessa Marcil, may soon return to the town of Port Charles, despite no official statement having been made at this time.

In several tweets between Bernard and Marcil, both actors refer to each other by their GH characters’ names. These tweets, in conjunction with Marcil’s Instagram post of a “big announcement coming soon”, only further fuel speculation about Brenda’s possible return to the long-running daytime television series, and fans are quick to chime in with their hope that it is true.  Marcil also recently stated that she is going back to work part-time, so…could it be to GH?


I love you Sonny


A Love Story For The Ages

Longtime fans of GH may remember the love story of Sonny and Brenda that first began in 1997 when a young Brenda Barrett fell for older man/mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. What followed was a danger-filled, deeply emotional love story for the record books, and one that diehard Sonny and Brenda fans still want to see resurrected today.

Actress Vanessa Marcil last appeared on the award-winning daytime drama in 2013 during the show’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. At the time of her appearance, the residents of Port Charles were preparing for the town’s annual Nurse’s Ball, this time in remembrance of presumed dead and beloved town resident, Dr. Robin Scorpio. At the end of that story arc, Marcil’s Brenda left town on a somewhat scandalous note, having lied about sleeping with Carly and Sonny’s son, Michael. Before departing, though, Brenda and Sonny ran into each other at the town’s airport. It was during this run-in that Brenda came clean about her lie before sharing one last, honest, heart to heart talk with Sonny where she admitted her love and he spoke about the possibility of a future between them down the road.

Trouble Ahead for Carly, Sonny, and Michael?

If Brenda Barrett is indeed on her way back to Port Charles, what does that mean for Sonny, Carly, and Michael this time around? Given how Brenda left things with them the last time, if she does show up again, both GH and Sonny and Brenda fans are sure to be in for another emotional, drama-filled treat.

You can catch General Hospital weekdays on ABC at 1pm CST/2pm EST.



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