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Good morning, dear readers! Happy Labor Day! Today on the blog, we’ve got a fantastic guest post by His Lover To Protect author Katee Robert. In it, Katee talks about a standout scene from the book that just about killed me as a reader. And if that amazing guest post isn’t enough…we’ve also got an excerpt from the book, plus my review and rating, and details on a great giveaway as well as links to purchase the book for yourself online.


His Lover To Protect

Out of Uniform

Book Three

Katee Robert

200 Pages

Release Date: 09/07/2015

Publisher: Entangled Publishing | Imprint: Entangled Brazen
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Series Romance
Series: Out of Uniform

Former pararescuer, Luke Jacobs never met a challenge he couldn’t take, including Avery Yeung.
Fans of Nicolette Day’s No Strings Attached or Maisey Yates’s Unexpected, will devour the sexy addition to the Out of Uniform series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Katee Robert.

HLtP_1600He’s never met a challenge he couldn’t take… 

Alexis Yeung did everything right….only to watch everything go horribly, horribly wrong. Broken and angry, Alexis high-tails it to Europe, determined to face the world on her own terms and without consequence. Which includes a mind-blowing night with a sexy, scarred stranger.

Except, embittered former pararescuer Luke Jackson isn’t exactly a stranger. He’s supposed to keep an eye on Alexis without her knowing. Ending up in bed together was definitely not the plan. Now he’s chasing her (admittedly hot) ass across Europe, a game of cat and mouse that always ends with the two of them tangled up in the sheets.

Something in their scarred, damaged souls calls to each other. And God help them, the sex in unbelievably hot. But if Alexis discovers who Luke really is, he’ll lose the one thing that makes him feel whole…

See where it all began with book 1 of the Out of Uniform series, In Bed with Mr. Wrong.


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Keep on reading for an excerpt, information about the author and the Out of Uniform series, and details on how to enter the giveaway!


His Lover To Protect: A Standout Scene

by Katee Robert

Every book has THAT scene. The one that stands out for whatever reason. It could be because it was so sexy you had to take a few laps around the room after writing it. It could be the meet-cute. Or maybe the grand gesture where the hero wins the forgiveness of his lady. Or even the happily ever after itself.

In HIS LOVER TO PROTECT it was the tipping point for the couple, where they slide from sort of tolerating each other into something that will eventually be love.

Alexis and Luke start off the book very much disliking each other. Oh, they still want to bang each other’s brains out, but he thinks she’s a spoiled princess and she thinks he’s a grumpy mc-grumpness. It doesn’t help that their first encounter results in her basically jumping him, knocking his ass to the ground, and nearly pepper spraying him.

So my favorite scene happens later in the book, when he’s followed her to Norway and up a cliff. They’re back in her hotel room and about to get hot and heavy. He’s got these awful scars that run up his leg and across his side from being hit with an IED while he was a pararescuer, and he’s super self-conscious about them. Not only are they a physical representation of the event that ruined the life he loved, but the last time he got intimate with a woman, she got all freaked out and left as a result. Not exactly the thing to inspire confidence!

He kind of bares himself almost defiantly to Alexis, and her response just kills both me and him. Because she knows all about scars. She might not have the physical ones to show the same way he does, but she’s got soul scars to spare. She’s so gentle and appreciative with how she deals with it…it just kills me. Both Alexis and Luke are such broken people, and this was one really important step on their journey towards healing.


From His Lover to Protect by Katee Robert:

Kiss me, please kiss me, and make me forget all about the countless things trying to drag me under.

Luke froze, and for one eternal second she thought she’d misread his signals. But then his mouth crashed down on hers, erasing any chance of misinterpretation. His tongue speared between her lips, stroking along her tongue once, twice, a third time. She couldn’t fight back a moan as he raked his teeth over her bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth. The spark of attraction inside her burst into an all-out bonfire. Alexis shifted her grip, letting go of his shirt with one hand so she could twine her fingers through his longish blond hair. She pulled it sharply enough to make him groan against her mouth, and then he was kissing his way along her jaw and nipping her earlobe. “You taste so goddamn good, darlin’, like a Georgia peach. I can’t get enough of it.”

Thank God, because if he stopped right now, she might not recover. She’d never felt such all-encompassing need pounding through her veins, pushing her to do something she’d never even considered before. I could take him back to my hotel. He doesn’t know me. I don’t know him. I’ll never see him again, and that’s okay. Why not take what this man was so obviously offering? He didn’t have to know that this wasn’t something she ever did. “Please.”

He ran one hand up her thigh, his heat seeming to brand itself through her jeans. “Tell me what you want.”

A thousand answers flitted through her mind, but one dwarfed them all. Still, she hesitated. She’d just met him, and he was an ass—not exactly the prime candidate for someone to take to bed. But then he kissed down her neck, sucking on a spot that made the whole pub go blurry. God, how was she supposed to pass a man like him up? It’s just sex. It’s not like I’m going to marry the man. The Old Alexis wouldn’t think to do this.

Which meant that was exactly what the New Alexis should do. She was supposed to be learning to take what she wanted. Right now, there was one need and one need alone dominating the forefront of her mind. She took a shuddering breath. “You. I want you.”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen.” Before she could process his words, he kept going, his hand sliding a few inches higher, until he pressed against the vee of her legs. “But fuck, I’m not a saint. I never have been.”

mythoughts * ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review *

First Impression: Excellent writing. Fun, engaging, and compelling opening. A heroin and heroine who caught my attention right away.

Oh my God. I loved this book hardcore. Not only did it have one of the most fun and original openings ever, but the two main characters, Luke and Alexis, were an icy, fiery mix that hooked me from the start. I loved their push-pull, call-your-bluff dynamic so, so much. That kind of instant character chemistry is what really sets them apart from some of the other characters in this series because it deepened their meeting and established them as their own people. I got these two, and I loved reading along as both their relationship and their individuality developed. Not to mention the healing of their very real, very personal psychological wounds.

To me, His Lover to Protect is Katee Roberts at her best. There are so many special nuggets of thought and outlooks on life in this book that I seriously wanted to sit and write them all down. Both Luke and Alexis have such skewed world views because of all they’ve been through and how often people they cared about let them down that it colors their every thought and actions, and man, did I love that about them. They made sense to me because it’s obvious they’ve loved, hoped, and dreamed, only to have been burnt by life and circumstances, and now they’re searching for answers to questions they haven’t truly figured out yet. It’s this utter human realness that made these characters unique. It’s what brought them to life on the page and drew me further and further into their story.

This novel is very much a journey of self-discovery for Luke and Alexis, and it’s that whole process of healing part of themselves that makes this a truly unique, truly special piece of fiction. And I want to point out that, as far as Brazens go, yes, the sex is hot, as are all Katee Robert’s Brazen books, but this one has that added emotional depth that sets it apart from the rest. It resonated, so much so I hurt for both characters and became emotionally invested in every single facet of their story journey. I wanted these characters to be okay, to find that completeness in themselves. In fact, I needed it and that’s what really makes this book a stand out read for me.

If you love your romance with heat and heart, His Lover to Protect by Katee Robert will deliver both in spades. It’s an excellent read, and one I highly, highly recommend.





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New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. She found romance novels at age twelve and it changed her life. When not writing sexy contemporary and speculative fiction romance novels, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her wee ones, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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