Welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Musings, aptly titled Hamsters and Other Things. With the other things being…two rabbits, two dogs, and a cat.



BellaToward the end of July (2020) I decided I wanted another rabbit, as I had two dwarf rabbits when I was younger and loved them. So, I got Bella, which at the time, was ten weeks old. Then in September, a teacher in my school district was helping to rehome her granddaughter’s two year old, neutered, Albino male rabbit. So, I got Buddy. They are a handful, with very distinct personalities, but I love them to pieces and do what I can to spoil them and make them happy. Currently, I keep them separated, as Buddy has not yet warmed up to Bella. Which means two large cages with extensions, but they are potty trained, so I don’t have to worry when I let them out to free roam.


Not sure I have mentioned this, but I take care of my elderly parents. Which means, at present, I live in a downstairs apartment while they live upstairs. This also means that all these pets are, technically, in one house, just on separate floors. The more additions, the more noise, mess, and general fun bits of pet-owner chaos. Which brings me to….


Okay, so…here’s the thing. A few weeks ago, my niece’s hamster had babies. This is thanks to my 22 year old nephew who decided to put his male hamster in the cage with my niece’s female hamster then forgot about them for just long enough to cause little hamster babies. Needless to say, my niece wound up with six baby hamsters. Which means she now has to separate and find homes for them.

Imagine my surprise when my 79 year-old dad decides two days ago that he wants a hamster. 79, ya’ll. 7.9.

Now, my parents already have two dogs and a cat, but okay, dad wants a hamster, he’ll get a hamster. Already decided to name it Benji, if a boy, and Bessie, if a girl. He planned to get a cage this coming Wednesday, but my nephew, the guilty one, decided to go buy a cage and everything for him last night, and then delivered said hamster to my Dad. 79, with a pet hamster. 

I feel like this should go in a contemporary rom-com book. Complete with a cute pet-store worker helping with all the things a hamster will need to thrive. Can you imagine the cuteness overload?

Does anyone else’s life resemble the plot of a book sometimes?





What do you think? Do you have pets?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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