Entangled Turns Five! Lovestruck on Sale + Excerpts & Giveaway News!

Entangled 5yr Anniversary Banner

Entangled Publishing is turning 5 and love is in the air!

From the Publisher:

We are so excited that we are offering all the books on our latest bestselling imprint, Lovestruck, at a celebratory price of just $.99 each! If you love romantic comedies, you won’t want to miss any of these laugh out loud and smexy reads.

AND that’s not all.

From 2/1 to 2/21 we are giving away 5 Lovestruck prize packs including 5 different Sephora Minimergency kits, an Amazon gift card and other surprise gift cards. So be sure to stop by each of our amazing blogger hosts below and visit the Lovestruck Facebook page to find out about the fun events and giveaways we will be having in the coming weeks. You will also get sneak peeks inside our different releases so you can pick out your must reads.

Don’t miss our Facebook party on Thursday, February 11th from 8-10pm ET where several of our Lovestruck authors will be chatting with readers and offering prizes as well. So join us on the Entangled Publishing Facebook page.

Haven’t read a Lovestruck yet? Take a peek inside…

The Surrogate Husband by Wynter Daniels



Lucy folded her arms over her chest. “We can’t ask him to be my fake husband. First of all, I haven’t agreed to play this game. Secondly, Dex is my accountant, not my boyfriend. I hardly know him outside our professional dealings. And I just met him in person for the first time five minutes ago!”

“Let’s just ask him,” her mom said. “See if he’d even consider it.”

Through the door, Dex coughed loudly, as if to remind them he was still waiting.

Lucy motioned toward the sound. “Come on. We can’t leave him out there. He’s an important, busy man.

I’m sure he has numbers to crunch or something.” Swallowing hard, she pulled the door back open and headed to the sales floor. And found Dex examining a pair of red lacy crotch-less panties. He didn’t look in the least confused by them, which sometimes happened to the more clueless men who came in to buy something for their girlfriends or wives.

His gaze skimmed over her body so fast she wasn’t really sure she’d seen it. Was he imagining her in those panties?

A warm flush started at her ears and worked its way down to her throat and neck.

With a barely concealed amused expression on his face, he returned the underwear to the display table.

“Everything okay?”

Mom went over to him. “I…we…Lucy has a question for you.” Placing a palm in the middle of Lucy’s back, she shoved her forward. Lucy stumbled, righting herself just before she slammed into Dex’s broad chest.


A slow, sexy grin settled on his lips. “Something you want to ask me?”

Oh, God. Did he think she was going to ask him out? He did, she could see it in his eyes. No one looked like he did and didn’t get regularly propositioned by clients. Worst of all, the idea her mother wanted her to propose was even more unprofessional than that.

About the book:

To have and to hoax…

Wild child lingerie store owner Lucy Hamilton is a happily confirmed bachelorette. As far as she’s concerned, men are something best enjoyed in small doses, never to be allowed too close. Then Lucy’s mother tells her Aunt Bev that Lucy has eloped and is married—a tiny lie only meant to appease the dying woman…until Aunt Bev miraculously recovers. Now Lucy needs to find a “husband” for an upcoming family wedding, and fast.

Fortunately, Lucy’s ridiculously hot, ridiculously straitlaced new accountant Dex Levian is willing to be her stand-in spouse for the weekend. And that’s when the trouble really begins. For starters, Dex’s “involvement” with a client―no matter how irresistible―might ruin a merger he hopes will make his career. Worse still, the chemistry between Dex and Lucy is more than convincing―it’s sizzling. But for Lucy, falling for her fake new husband is the most dangerous thing she can do…

Buy links: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Unexpectedly His by Maggie Kelley



Oh yeah, they were going on a ride tonight, a long, sexy ride that would make her cry out in desperate pleasure.

She crooked a finger at him, and he had to fight the urge not to run across the room.

Nick walked toward her in an even stride that left no room for objection. He took her face in his hands and kissed her. Slowly. Deeply. Then he fell to his knees at her feet. Shestepped out of her dress and he moved to slip off her sexy, open-toed shoes, but her whispered words stopped him midmotion.

“Leave them on.”

Sweet mother of God.

“Marianne,” he said in a husky voice, “I plan to show you how sexy you are, prove how much you turn me on, and when I’m finished, you are going to cry out my name in absolute need. Can you promise me that? Because I want to hear you say my name when you come. Promise me.”

About the book:

A match made in Manhattan…

By-the-book Marianne McBride wants to prove she’s more than a computer geek in a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. But how did she end up hiding in a cake, waiting to sing “Happy Birthday” to Nick Wright, a sexy and arrogant serial-dater? Not exactly part of her plan. Especially when she finds herself kissing the birthday boy, and then running like hell…

Nick falls for no woman. No strings, no commitments, and no relationships. Not even with the sweetly curvaceous bombshell from his birthday. But then he’s hit by a bombshell of his own. He needs to find the perfect faux fiancée, or kiss his key to the executive washroom goodbye. Fortunately, his matchmaker sister has the perfect girl in mind.

Now Nick and Marianne have to pretend they’re in love for six weeks. No dating. No sex.

And definitely no acting on the wickedly-hot chemistry that could ruin everything…

Buy links: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Melting the Millionaire’s Heart by Linda Morris



A dimple appeared in his left cheek. Whoa, he was adorable. If her mother hadn’t raised her right, she’d be tempted to lean forward right now and explore that cute little indentation with the tip of her tongue. Maybe she would, later—she couldn’t rule it out.

She finished off her hot dog. Should she have another?

No, the s’mores beckoned. “I’ll do the honors for dessert. I’ll have you know I’m a s’mores expert.” She stuck a couple of big marshmallows on the end of her skewer and held them over the fire. The sonorous tones of the grandfather clock announced eleven o’clock.

“Really?” He leaned back on the hearth rug, propping himself up on his hands. The position showed off his long, leanly muscled thighs. “And where did you come by this expertise?”

“Years of relentless training in the Brownies and Girl Scouts.”

“Ah. Sounds grueling.”

“It was,” she said. “I made sacrifices and suffered a lot. In the end, it was worth it because I became a Jedi master of marshmallow toasting.”

“Do tell,” he said, his white teeth flashing in the firelight.

The sight gave her a pang somewhere very near her heart.

God, she really liked this guy.

About the book:

One night, two strangers, and enough heat to melt the secret coming between them…

Special-needs teacher Kayla Johnston kisses her New Year’s Eve plans goodbye when she’s cajoled into attending a swanky fundraiser for her school at a remote estate. But instead of schmoozing with the would-be donor, a massive snowstorm sends Kayla careening off the road, straight into the path of a wickedly handsome stranger. When their chemistry ignites, Kayla’s New Year’s Eve begins to show some seriously sexy promise…

After hearing about the selfish “gazillionaire” who ruined her New Year’s Eve, reclusive entrepreneur Ryan Langford can’t bring himself to admit that he’s the millionaire responsible for the fundraiser. Besides, he’d much rather be marooned in a cabin with the enticing teacher he can’t resist. But if he wants a chance with Kayla, he’ll have to find a way to reveal his real identity before the snow melts and she disappears from his life.

Previously released on Entangled’s Ever After imprint – December 2012

Buy links: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads


Lovestruck Prize Pack #3 – Be prepared for any chance romantic meetings with this Sephora minimergency kit, Amazon gift card and 2 surprise gift cards (If winner is intl a gift card will be substituted for the minimergency kit)

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