She’s Having the Boss’s Baby by Kate Carlisle (Book Review)

She's Having the Boss's BabyShe’s Having the Boss’s Baby by Kate Carlisle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bought this book through the Harlequin site and really enjoyed reading it, so much so that I went back and got the author’s backlist works, only two of which I was missing. I enjoyed Aidan and Ellie’s journey to love, but wish I’d read the others in the connected series of books first. I’m certain they can all stand on their own, though I think I would’ve been a little more invested had I know the secondary characters and their journeys as well. Still, the book has great characterization and I recommend it to all those who love reading about a woman’s quest to become a mother and the lengths a man, a friend, will go to to keep this woman in his life.

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