Weekend Book Haul ~ June 11-13 (2021)


June 11-13, 2021

Over the weekend, I went out searching for some books to add to a couple of series. Since I already had some in used format, thanks to the massive book haul I achieved in May (420 historical, modern, & paranormal romance books!), I thought I’d check out a few garage sales with my mom and a semi-local used bookstore. So, as a result of my weekend book adventure, I created a Youtube video detailing my latest finds, aptly titled weekend book haul.

Our Okie Dreams YouTube channel is really new, but I hope to post a lot of great content coming up, including some book review videos and a few more book hauls. Did I mention I have a massive book haul, I’ve yet to discuss in detail? Yeah, I’m still going through everything and trying to figure out the best way to tackle those books. There are sooo many of them. If you have any ideas for how to haul those, please leave your suggestions in the comments. I’m going back and forth on the best way to do a video series, and so far, I can’t seem to decide on the best course for that particular haul. 

In this haul, there are both thrillers and some contemporary romance, historical romance, and paranormal romance. Since I’m collecting several different series in print (because some I own/read in e-book form), I’m on the hunt for some specific authors, though I’ll likely end up buying the rest through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Honestly, it’s really rare that I buy any used books. I probably wouldn’t have recently if I didn’t manage to find a lot of hard to find or out of print books in the hauls.

Anyway, if you made it this far, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy the video and if you want more content from us on YouTube, consider subscribing and liking the video. It helps YouTube know how to display us and other book readers to find us.



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