Six Sinfully Sexy Harlequin Dare Reads (Sinful Sunday)

Six Sinfully Sexy Harlequin Dare Reads For Sinful Sunday

Hiya, book readers. Today, we’re bringing you a glorious and droolworthy set of covers from Harlequin’s newest line, Harlequin DARE. Why? Well, why not? These six covers are sinfully good and the perfect way to kick off our Sinful Sunday set of posts

If you a romance reader who loves a spicier read but aren’t yet familiar with Harlequin’s new DARE line, you are missing out. Each one of these sexy stories is smoking hot and dares to push the envelope.

Talented authors. Sexy premises. Strong, powerful characters. Quick, fast-paced reads. 

What’s not to love about that? And if you need more convincing…well, here are six gorgeous covers and book summaries to whet your appetite!


My Royal Sin

by Riley Pine

Arrogant Heirs #2

June 1, 2018

My Royal Sin by Riley Pine

She’s totally off-limits…

…which makes her even more irresistible!

Famed for his iron control, Prince Benedict, just weeks from joining the priesthood, is unprepared for the chemistry that ricochets through him when he meets Ruby. She is temptation personified…but she couldn’t be more inappropriate for a royal fling! Except after years of choosing duty over desire his control has finally snapped—he’s choosing pleasure…of the most X-rated kind. After all, if he’s going to indulge in the forbidden, the higher the stakes, the greater the thrill!

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One Night Only

by JC Harroway

June 1, 2018

One Night Only by JC Harroway

The romantic vs the cynic…

Chemistry is all they have in common!

New York lawyer Ash has moved to London to escape his demons—and one red-hot night with gorgeous stranger Essie is the perfect distraction! He’s ready to forget about her entirely…until she walks into his office for her first day at work. She’s a romantic, seeking her happily-ever-after—he’s a distrustful cynic who can’t commit… Could a sexy fling be the best mistake of their lives.

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Wild Thing

by Nicola Marsh

Hot Sydney Nights #2

July 1, 2018

Wild Thing by Nicola Marsh

She’s never been one to be tamed

But he makes her utterly wild…

He used to be Makayla Tarrant’s best friend, but five years after he broke her heart Hudson Watt is back. He’s hotter than ever—but now he can make or break Mak’s dance career. She wants to hate him. She wants to show him she’s immune to his sex appeal. But most of all Mak wants him…every night and in every way!

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Best Laid Plans

by Rebecca Hunter

Blackmore Inc #1

July 1, 2018

Best Laid Plans by Rebecca Hunter

Meet Blackmore Inc., your new favorite team of hot, edgy bodyguards…

A case of mistaken identity…

Leads to disaster…or exquisite temptation?

CEO Cameron Blackmore assumes the PR expert sent from New York to clean up his reputation will be a man. But Jackson McAllister is all woman—as evidenced during their no-names, strangers-in-lust, incredibly sexy one-night stand! Now Cameron and Jackson must keep their hands off each other. But with Jackson shadowing his every move in the boardroom can they forget their time in the bedroom?

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Close to the Edge

by Zara Cox

Aug. 1, 2018

Close to the Edge by Zara Cox

Some lines should never be crossed

…unless it’s wickedly worth it

The moment he meets sublime coding prodigy Lily Gracen, Caleb Steele knows his “never get involved with a client” rule is going to be broken. But not until he stops her stalker. Caleb might be in charge of Lily’s safety, but when they’re locked down in her Silicon Valley mansion she’s the master. For keeping his hands off Lily is bringing Caleb close to the edge of his control…

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Getting Lucky

by Avril Tremayne

Reunions #1

Aug. 1, 2018

Getting Lucky by Avril Tremayne

He’ll help her get lucky…

And promises to deliver a whole lot more!

With her fertility issues, it’s now or never for Romy Allen. Thankfully, her friend Matt Carter will help her research her options. But then the deliciously sexy entrepreneur tears up her IVF paperwork and presents a counteroffer—the old-fashioned way or nothing! How can she refuse? Especially when multiple orgasms are offered as a tempting bonus!

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