Series Spotlight and Review: Revenge Best Served Hot by Jackie Braun


The Men of The Zodiac Series 

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Imprint: Indulgence
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Men of the Zodiac



Impulse Control

Amanda Usen 

267 pages

Released: 1/19/2015

Book One

IC-500pxHe’s fiery, courageous…and he can’t resist a sexy challenge.

Survivalist Russ Donovan is known on TV as the “Wildest Man In The World.” The last thing this headstrong Aries guy needs is to be wrangled into a cross-promotional TV special with a popular homemaker–even a sexy little thing like Susannah Stone. Besides, the Adirondacks in the dead of winter is no place for amateurs…especially a stubborn homemaker who’s determined to show him up every chance she gets.

Susannah’s a working single mom who knows plenty about roughing it. She can take anything this mountain man dishes out. Now Russ and Susannah are taking their competitive rivalry to new levels, and not even the canned beef stew is safe. Then Russ and Susannah’s on-camera sparks turn into a sizzling off-camera romance, and their two conflicting worlds collide. Sure, major differences can turn chemistry red-hot…they also make compromise nearly impossible.


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The Millionaire’s Deception

Wendy Byrne

171 pages

Released: 2/23/2015

Book Two

TMD-500pxHe always wins. And she never gives up…

 Rafe McCall has a reputation as the Closer. He rakes in serious cash to make deals happen. Convincing small restaurant owner Frankie Ritacco to sell his business for property development should have been a piece of cake. So Rafe blows into Wilcox, Iowa on his Harley, convinced the deal is all but done. But he is so, so wrong…

For starters, “Frankie” is a woman. A stunning, stubborn woman who wants to preserve her idyllic small town. The Crossroads Café is a family legacy Frankie plans to leave to her future children, and there is no way she’s selling—even to a sexy millionaire who makes her heart race. But her café is in serious trouble, and Rafe must decide if he can close the deal…or if he’s found the deal breaker of a lifetime.


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The Millionaire’s Forever 

Sonya Weiss

204 pages

Released: 3/31/2015

Book Three

TMF-500pxThere are two sides to every Gemini guy…and one of them is red-hot.

Olivia Carter has a handsome, millionaire boyfriend. She’s madly in love with him. The hitch? He doesn’t actually exist. She told the lie to save Forever, her wedding design shop. And it worked-almost too well. As the media attention increases, so do the demands for Olivia to produce her “boyfriend.” With both her reputation and career in jeopardy, Olivia is desperate enough to do almost anything…

Which is exactly what millionaire Mason Parker wants. Thanks to Olivia and her father, Mason went through hell during his teen years, and now it’s time for a little payback-starting with the announcement that he’s her one and only. Now the sexy Olivia has no choice but to do what Mason wants. But none of his plans for vengeance included falling in love with the woman he planned to ruin…


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Ten Days In Tuscany 

Annie Seaton

218 pages

Released: 4/18/2015

Book Four

Tuscany-500pxHome is where this guy’s heart is. And bed is where you’ll find him…

Gia Carelli waits tables in her small Tuscan village, dreaming of a life in which her overbearing family allows her to move to Florence to pursue art. Everyone expects her to marry a nice local boy and raise a horde of bambini, but when a gorgeous, wealthy stranger visits, Gia wonders if maybe her stars are about to change.

Nic Baldini has returned to his Tuscan Villa for a much-needed break from the responsibilities of his powerful family. Struck by local artist Gia Carelli’s raw talent and passion, he finds himself wanting to help her…and lies about his identity in order to gain her trust. But as their patron-protegée relationship is quickly eclipsed by desire, Nic realizes that one tiny lie could cost him the woman he’s falling for.


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The Millionaire Daddy Project

Roxanne Snopek

214 Pages

Released: 5/12/2015

Book Five

rs_tmdp_coverHe takes control…and gives all kinds of pleasure

In the space of about a second, successful restaurateur Dane Bergman has gone from millionaire playboy to daddy. Now he’s the sole guardian of a very adorable and willful four-year-old child, and he’s counting on his executive assistant, Pamela Atwater, to save his ass. Even if it means bringing her along on a month-long ocean-side retreat…

Pamela Atwater prides herself on being the perfect assistant. Whatever Dane wants or needs, she’s there – pretending to ignore Dane’s golden charm and drop-dead gorgeousness. On vacation, however, Pamela sees a side of Dane she never imagined. And it’s a side that tempts her to cross the line between professional and personal. But is one month enough time to prove to Dane that his perfect assistant might just be his perfect match?


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You can also read my review of The Millionaire Daddy Project here


Revenge Best Served Hot

Jackie Braun

189 pages

Released: 6/9/2015

He’s all business…until he’s all hers

REVENGE-BEST-SERVED-HOT-500x750Brody Flynn waited years to get his revenge on Douglass Shipping for his parents’ accidental deaths. Now the company is fumbling, profits are down, and it’s the perfect time for a hostile takeover. Vengeance. But the former CEO’s daughter Kate Douglass has other plans…

Kate’s been waiting for her chance to take on a real role at Douglass and prove to her family that she’s not the fragile piece of glass they all think she is. There’s no way she’ll give up without a fight. All she has to do is convince the gorgeous new CEO to hire her…and not fall for him.

But Brody was never supposed to feel attracted to the daughter of his enemy. He was never supposed to want her as hard as he does. And the only thing stronger than his hunger for revenge is his hunger for her


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Jackie Braun is the author of more than thirty contemporary romances. Her books have been nominated for three RITA Awards and four National Readers’ Choice Awards. She makes her home in Michigan with her husband, two sons and a rescued poodle-mix.

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*ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review *

First Impression: Superb writing. The character of Brody Flynn is sexy intense.

This was such a fantastic read! Brody Flynn is every bit a man in control of his wants, and yet, he finds himself more than a little intrigued by the contradictions in Kate Douglass. In his quest for revenge against her father, he never stopped to consider she was anything but his enemy’s daughter, but there’s more to her than that, and despite his first assumptions, he’s finds himself fascinated by her.

Brody and Kate’s first kiss was electric. The tension between them hot and steamy. I loved every second of this book and I’m so grateful I got the chance to read it. It’s an excellent addition to the Men of the Zodiac series and a fun, magnetic weekend read. The story and depth of emotion in this book captivated me. The characters are so likable, relatable, and more than worthy of being the hero and heroine of this book. I really liked them both. A lot, in fact.

If you love intense, deeply-woven love stories with a revenge and falling for the enemy’s daughter trope set amidst the business world, Revenge Best Served Hot is an engaging read that will keep you turning the pages faster and faster as you become more and more invested in the story. You’ll fall in love with Brody Flynn, and everything he stands for…and against. He’s a terrific, well-rounded character, and has depth far beyond what one would expect a corporate raider to have. I loved him, and I loved his story.


* Revenge Best Served Hot *


Heat Level

Hot & Sizzling |  Sexy Steamy

Have any of you read Revenge Best Served Hot? Or maybe one of the other books in the Men of the Zodiac series? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. Did you enjoy them? Are you as anxious to read the next book in the series as I am? Inquiring minds want to know.

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