Review: The Bachelor Takes a Bride by Brenda Harlen

The Bachelor Takes A Bride

Those Engaging Garretts

Book Eight

Brenda Harlen

232 Pages

Release Date: 08/18/2015 (PB) | 09/01/2015 (EBook)

Publisher: Harlequin | Imprint: Special Edition
Genre: Series Romance | RomanceContemporary Romance
Series: Those Engaging Garretts

“You don’t know me…but will you marry me?”

bh_tbtabcover01It strikes him like a lightning bolt when he lays eyes on Jordyn Garrett. Just like his grandma always says, You’ll know her when you see her. Now restaurateur Marco Palermo knows he’s just met his wife—if only she’ll date him!

Jordyn’s heard every line…and deflected them all. She’s walked through heartbreak and come out stronger, albeit lonelier. She’ll never love again. But the scrumptious Italian with the melted-chocolate eyes is nothing if not persistent. And sexy. So sexy. Just her luck to find the only man in the world who wants marriage and a family. Things Jordyn can’t give. But can he convince her that he’s everything she’s ever wanted…forever?


*Print ARC provided by Author in exchange for a fair and honest review *

Love at first sight is sometimes difficult to pull off in a believable, realistic way and yet Brenda Harlen does just that in her latest Harlequin Special Edition, The Bachelor Takes a Bride.

The eighth book in the author’s Those Engaging Garrett’s series, The Bachelor Takes a Bride is the story of Jordyn Garrett and Marco Palermo. Marco has always heard his grandmother say that he’d know the moment he met his future wife, that it would “hit him like lightning,” and it does the second he sees and then meets Jordyn, which makes him determined to get her to go out with him.

There’s something really refreshing and special about a hero who has yearned for a wife and who, despite being disappointed by his current love life, still wants to believe it could happen for him. Marco is very much a family-oriented guy and I loved that about him because I, too, come from a close family and I got exactly who he is because of his relationship with his family. It made me want to root for him that much more.

Jordyn knows what it’s like to lose a love and hasn’t cared much for dating any man she’s met since, which makes her guarded and leery of giving her heart to someone, even a seemingly nice guy like Marco, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s both tempted and intrigued by the man. There’s something about Marco that she can’t get out of her head, even after only briefly meeting him and I can’t say I blamed her for that since Marco is every bit the kind of man I’d love to meet myself. A family-oriented man who believes in love and marriage and wants children of his own? Hell yes, sign me up for that. Marco is truly a best friend kind of guy, and his character really made this story for me because of it.

I have to say, I love that Brenda Harlen wrote this kind of story for Marco and Jordyn because it felt very natural for both of them to fall in love the way they did in this story and it made for a fantastic weekend romance read for me as well. It also has one of the most fun setups and scenes between a hero and heroine I think I’ve ever read in a category romance, and that’s saying something since I’ve read enough and own enough to fill the shelves in a bookstore of my own. Which means…

I highly, highly recommend reading The Bachelor Takes a Bride. I enjoyed the characters and the story immensely and sincerely thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book to read. It was an honest pleasure and I look forward to reading more books in this series.






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Brenda Harlen is a multi-award winning author for Harlequin Special Edition who has written over 25 books for the company.

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Though this author was gracious enough to provide me with a copy of The Bachelor Takes A Bride in a Facebook giveaway, my review of this book is my fair and honest opinion of the work itself and in no way shaped by the free book.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Bachelor Takes a Bride by Brenda Harlen

  • It was a fantastic read! I loved it so much. Marco was just the best hero. I love how much his family meant to him and how determined he was to make Jordyn see he was the man for her. Loved, loved, loved it!


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