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Today on the blog, we are sharing our Dragon Pearl review. Dragon Pearl is a middle grade space opera written by Yoon Ha Lee. It is the first book in the author’s Thousand Worlds series with Disney Hyperion and Rick Riordan Presents.


What a fabulous book!

In her quest to find out what happened to her brother, Min discovers more about herself and the world. From dodging space pirates to investigating a mystery, Min shows bravery, cunning, and a real desire to effect change and uncover truth.

Though I do not always read middle grade, I always enjoy a good book. This was a delightfully fun read.


Filled with a lot of action, adventure, and plenty of heart, Dragon Pearl is space opera at its finest.

If you love Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Korean Mythology, you will love this book. Min is just the right amount of troublesome and heartfelt, with a good dose of courage and healthy plate full of family devotion.

Absolutely loved reading this one.




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About Yoon Ha Lee

Yoon Ha Lee (yoonhalee.com) is the New York Times best-selling author of Dragon Pearl, a companion to this book and winner of the Locus Award and the Mythopoeic Award. He has also published several books for adults, including a standalone fantasy entitled Phoenix Extravagant, and the Machineries of Empire space opera trilogy: Ninefox Gambit, Raven Strategem, and Revenant Gun. Yoon draws inspiration from a variety of sources, e.g. Korean history and mythology, fairy tales, higher mathematics, classic moral dilemmas, and genre fiction. His website can be found at yoonhalee.com and his Twitter handle is @deuceofgears.

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