Current Mood by Dustin Lynch (Album Review)

Current Mood by Dustin Lynch released on Friday, September 8th, and today, we’re discussing the album, his third with Broken Bow Records, and breaking down the album’s 13 tracks.

Album Review

On Current Mood, Dustin Lynch‘s voice easily seduces listeners, inviting them in to hear a host of captivating tunes and further marking him as a country music artist to watch. In his thirteen album tracks, Lynch infuses country with a little bit of pop, rock, and R&B. The result? A standout album with a delicious sound that gives its audience plenty of lyrical and musical changes to keep them invested…and more importantly, listening. The album’s song lyrics are catchy, clever, and fun, and the hard, heavy, guitar-driven beats and light R & B vibes invite listeners to dance and sway accordingly. 

“I’d Be Jealous Too” the first track from Current Mood, is a fun, catchy, lighthearted song about a man knowing what he has and understanding that others are jealous of him because of it. It’s a song that draws listeners in with a suspenseful guitar-rise before hitting them with a catchy, finger-snapping chorus. “Seein’ Red” is the album’s second track and first official single. With it’s pounding drum beats and guitar-driven verses, the song has a 90s rock band feel to it that quickly becomes addictive and further sets this album apart from Lynch’s previous two projects as well as from the recent releases of his fellow country artists. It is a song that gets inside a listener’s head and stays there for days.

“Small Town Boy” is the third track from the album and Lynch’s most current single; it is also one of my absolute favorites from the record. Catchy and clever, with some light R&B vibes, “Small Town Boy” is a song that pulls its listeners in close and gives them a simple truth: being loved for who you are is the best kind of love there is. The narrator of the song clearly has found a woman who isn’t big on material things but instead the roots that live inside a person and make them who they are. She is a woman who loves simple things, real things, and real people…like the small town boy Lynch sings that he is. A brilliant track, covered in a sense of deep-rooted honesty, it is worthy of its hit status, for sure.

“Why We Call Each Other” is another slight R&B infused country-track where its narrator sings about a no-strings-attached lover that is so wrong its right. “Back On It” continues this same country-R&B vibe where Lynch sings about a woman he can’t get enough of. Lynch switches things up with the football-ready song “Here We Come” that no doubt will be played at plenty of stadiums across the country at one point or another.

For “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”, Lynch is joined by Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town. The powerful ballad is reminiscent of something Chris Stapleton might have recorded for his Traveller album. It’s a beautiful, sweeping song that takes country music listeners back to a more traditional sound while also keeping things modern and relatable to its 2017 audience. Here, Lynch sounds his absolute best and with the addition of Karen Fairchild, this song is destined to become a smash hit at some point in the future. As it should.

“I Wish You Were Beer”, “Party Song”, and “Why Not Tonight” are clever sing-along songs that will be band and fan-favorites during Lynch’s headlining live shows. They’re easy songs that don’t hold much depth but are enjoyable to listen to all the same. “State Lines” and “New Girl” slow things down to fully showcase Lynch’s emotional and vocal range. Beautiful, heartfelt songs that fans and album listeners will love to hear over and over again.

“Sun Don’t Go Down On That” is the final song on Current Mood and speaks about an unforgettable past summer love. It’s a nostalgic, mood-driven song that gives Lynch a chance to shine vocally while also providing listeners with an 80s romance movie theme song vibe in the background. It’s an easy-listening song, one that I suspect many a fan will have on repeat as they work.

~ Reviewed by Deanna Lynn

Standout Tracks: Small Town Boy, Love Me or Leave Me Alone, State Lines, Sun Don’t Go Down On That

Album Rating: 4.5 Stars


Label: Broken Bow Records
Producers: Brent Anderson, Mickey Jack Cones, Ross Copperman, Zach Crowell, Will Weatherly
Official Singles: Seein’ Red, Small Town Boy,
Runtime: 43 Minutes
Release Date: September 8th, 2017

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Current Mood by Dustin LynchTrack List

01: I’d Be Jealous Too
02: Seein’ Red
03: Small Town Boy
04: Why We Call Each Other
05: Here We Come
06: Love Me or Leave Me Alone (feat. Karen Fairchild)
07: Back on It
08: I Wish You Were Beer
09: State Lines
10: Party Song
11: New Girl
12: Why Not Tonight
13: Sun Don’t Go Down On That

Stream: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music
Buy: iTunes | Amazon | Target | Wal-Mart

Official Video for SMALL TOWN BOY

Apple Music Album Preview


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