Chris Cron debuts new song “Fake News”

Chris Cron debuts new music with “Fake News”

The song also features fellow pop and CatBeach Music artist, Daena Jay

Chris Cron debute new single Fake News

Chris Cron, you might recall, was an artist who auditioned for The Voice back in 2016. He didn’t make it past the battle rounds but his voice certainly stood out.

The new single showcases quirky staccato melodies, warm vocal tones, and charming tongue and cheek lyricism, while also displaying themes such as identity, love, failure, and redemption. Propelled by Cron’s excellent production, combined with Daena Jay’s hauntingly vulnerable yet powerful vocals and symbolic prose, the two have crafted a lovable song, with a compelling and relatable message. 

Released by CatBeach Music on March 22, 2018, “Fake News” is a sweet (and a little sour) love song, built around pizzicato strings, chintzy synthesizers and the duet of Chris Cron and Daena Jay. Think Sinatra’s “Something Stupid” meets a Casio.

See what you think about “FAKE NEWS” by giving it a listen below

About Chris Cron

Chris CronWhen Chris Cron moved to Tennessee a few years ago, he was done with music. He got a job with the YMCA and put his 11 years as the front man of the Warner Bros.-signed rock band Melee behind him. Focused on his marriage and being a good dad to his young son, Cron thought the page had turned.

Then a mutual friend connected him to a music publisher, and suddenly he was writing songs again. Content to be behind the scenes, Cron lent his words–and his production skills, too–to a number of artists, including Craig Wayne Boyd, Kerrie Roberts, Finding Favour, Joel Vaughn, Joseph Habedank and more. That seemed like plenty; a way for music to not fully fade from Cron’s life. Then came The Voice. “I caved,” he says, recalling why he decided to audition for the NBC reality show. “Enough people had tried to get me to do it through the years. I thought that I didn’t want to regret not doing it.”


And in Season 11, though he didn’t make it past the blind auditions, Cron wondered if he had some performing artist left in him after all. It would be easy to try to jump back into performing, but what for? At what cost? This time around, Cron would use the lessons he’d learned not just to set boundaries, but to say what was truly on his mind and heart, even if it was messy. Since The Voice, Cron has released a number of singles: “Never Tear Us Apart”, “Atlas”, “Christmas I’m Not Ready” and “In It To Win It.”

Like pages from a poetic diary, the singles reflect themes such as identity, love, failure and redemption. Propelled by Cron’s excellent production, hauntingly vulnerable yet powerful vocals and symbolic prose, Cron is poised to catch a lot of music fans off-guard with his refreshing songs. 

Armed with an unwavering optimism, coupled with a keen eye for spotting real truth, Cron is finally ready to use his music to speak about what he’s most passionate about. That real love is always greater, than fake news.




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