Book Talk Saturday: Why I Read Romance by Deanna Lynn

Hey there, folks! I’m trying out a little something different tonight. Instead of talking about random book things, I thought I’d get a little personal and tell you why I love and read romance novels. If you’re feeling brave, I’d love to hear what you love about reading romances, too.


Why I Read Romance

by Deanna Lynn

People fascinate me. The things they do. The things they say. The way they respond to situations and interact with different people. Whether in person, on television, or in a book, I’m always curious to see how someone will react to things, and especially how they react to strife. That’s likely the biggest reason I got my degrees in psychology and law enforcement in college, though it may also have had something to do with my constantly trying to play mediator to my ever-arguing older brother and oldest sister when I was a kid.

I can remember from a pretty young age, falling in love with books and allowing myself to get swept up in whatever story was being told to me at the time. When not fighting with each other, my older siblings would often play with me, helping me to create all these imaginary situations and elaborate stories for my Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. I was always somewhere inside my head creating these whole worlds for people I’d never met, and yet, I always had someone there to listen and help me shape these stories into what I was convinced was an epically amazing tale. Since then, my love of stories has grown consistently, going from fairytale Golden Books to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams romances, to Harlequins and every kind of romance in between.

I read romance because I love reading about people overcoming great odds, both within themselves and within the situations they face, and finding their happily ever after somewhere along the way. I read romance because I love seeing how people touch each other’s lives and teach each other how to find the person they were always meant to be.

What about you? Why do you read romance? What is it you look for? What is it that makes you pick up a romance book and read it to the very last page? I’d love to know. It’s part of my whole curiosity about people thing, I think. Or maybe I’m just the nosy sort. Either way, I hope you’ll take a minute to share your thoughts with me. I’d honestly love to hear them.

~ Deanna ~

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