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Sin City SEALs Series

Book One

Sara Jane Stone

162 Pages

Release Date: 06/30/2015


He can resist everything…except her.

To Tempt a Seal_CoverFor the first time in her life, social worker Lucia Lewis is ready to live. And the masquerade ball in Las Vegas is just the place to find a ridiculously hot guy to complete her wicked to-do list. The only rule? Her elegant Venetian mask—which conceals the scars that have always held her back from the life she deserves—stays on.

Navy SEAL Cade Daniels heads to Vegas on a mission to keep his best friend’s little sister out of trouble. Except the woman he’s sent to find is all heat and flame…and perfectly capable of handling herself. And him. But the moment Lucia’s mask slips, the need to heal her, body and soul, is complete and absolute temptation.

But revealing himself could cost him the one thing he isn’t willing to risk…his heart.

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From To Tempt A Seal by Sara Jane Stone:

“I bet they’re debating who should come over first. Or maybe they’re planning to ambush the sexy sailor on the shore.”

He glanced over the bikini trio and then behind them, as if seeking another target. “I don’t have ‘SEAL’ tattooed on my forehead.”

“It’s your muscles. They’re like a homing device. I bet this happens all the time.”

“Yeah, I walk into war zone and the bad guys are drawn to me and my biceps,” he said, offering a taste of dry wit that combined so perfectly with his deep voice.

“Joke all you want, but they’re heading this way.”

The trio walked out of the ocean as if auditioning for a swimsuit commercial.

I bet they bypassed the biscuits on the breakfast buffet.

He spared them a glance before returning his attention to her. The laser-like focus in his green eyes formed a lethal combination with his devilish smile. As soon as he opened his mouth, she would melt into a puddle of simmering, burning need.

“I have a plan to distract and redirect the enemy,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow. “If the Navy sends you out to defend our freedoms against girls in bikinis, I’m beginning to see why guys are willing to suffer through BUD/S training.”

“Guys join because they want to be the best,” he said. “So, are you in?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the trio moving closer. “I’m in.”

“Take off your dress and lie down on your stomach,” he ordered.

She hesitated. The suit showed so much of her. Maybe not as much as the ambushing Barbies, but she had more to hide.

“Don’t second-guess yourself, gorgeous.” The timbre of his voice dropped so low, she felt the rumble from head to toe.

In one swift motion, she pulled off the cover-up, revealing her plain black suit, and rolled over. She laid her hat and her dress by the chair and turned her damaged cheek to the towel.

“Are they distracted yet?” she murmured.

“Not yet. We’re just getting started.”

He stood and slipped out of her view. A second later, she felt his leg brush the outside of her thigh, and his knee pressed into the chair. He swung his other leg over until his body hovered over the tops of her thighs. He leaned forward and rested his hands on either side of her torso, palms pressing into the towel, close enough to brush the sides of her breasts.

“Did you bring sunscreen?” he asked.

“I put it on before we left.” Her low back arched into him, and his hard length pressed against her. He flexed his hips, and the pressure offered a taste of the hard, deep thrusts from last night. Only this time, they were still dressed on a public beach.

I’ve never hated bathing suits this much. All that fabric…

“We’ll have to pretend,” he murmured, sitting up and stealing away the delicious pressure.

She moaned in protest and lifted her head, straining to look back at her hard-bodied torturer. “Is this part of the redirect?”

“No. This is the part where I show every person on this damn beach that the only pleasure I care about is yours.”


* ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review *

To Tempt A SEAL is the first book in the Sin City SEALs series by Sara Jane Stone and in it, Lucia Lewis is out to let loose at a masquerade ball in Las Vegas while Navy SEAL Cade Daniels has been tasked with keeping a protective eye on his best friend’s little sister. When the two characters meet in the opening, sparks fly, though Lucia doesn’t know Cade’s true agenda and Cade isn’t sure Lucia is the woman he’s been tasked to find, though he does know he’s glad he found her.

I really liked this book. The story is well-written and engaging, the characters interesting and well-developed, and the sex is hot. And that is exactly what I look for in this type of read. I want to be swept up and seduced, and this was an excellent story for that. It’s all about letting go and taking chances, and exploring long-held sexual fantasies. I loved that aspect of this book, because both characters have held themselves back for a long time, though for much different reasons. Yet, their individual holding back gave them common ground while also amping up the tension between them, which I loved. And let me just say, Cade Daniels is one hot Navy SEAL hero! Yummy!

If you love books set in Las Vegas with a troubled, secretive heroine who’s determined to cut loose and a protective, attracted hero determined to be the man she cuts loose with, despite the secrets that lay between them, To Tempt A SEAL is the perfect read for you. It’s sexy-hot and all about the Sin City fantasy of what happens in Vegas…



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After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream-writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat. Join Sara Jane’s newsletter to receive new release information, news about contests, giveaways, and more! To subscribe, visit and look for her newsletter entry form.

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