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Playing For Her Heart


Book Two

Megan Erickson

148 Pages

Release Date: 08/11/2015

Publisher: Entangled Publishing | Imprint: Brazen
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Series Romance
Series: Gamers

She wanted fantasy. He’s about to make it a reality…

PfHH_CoverGrant Osprey just had the hottest sex of his life. Sure, they were both in costume, and yes, it was anonymous, but he never expected her to bolt in the middle of the night without so much as a good bye, let alone exchanging numbers. Or names. All he’s left with are her panties and some seriously X-rated memories…until he meets his business partner’s little sister.

Only Chloe Talley isn’t the bold, sexy vixen he remembers. And she wants nothing to do with him.

Cosplay is Chloe’s only chance to leave her boring, socially awkward world behind. To forget that she’s failing at life and can’t be with anyone, let alone a single-father like Grant. But the raw hunger between them is undeniable. With him, she can be a misbehaving maid. A sexy call girl for hire. Each scene pushes Chloe beyond her strict boundaries, until Grant demands the one character she can’t play.


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From Playing For Her Heart by Megan Erickson:

This could crash and burn in epic failure. Grant was a thirty-two-year-old man and this was probably a horrible idea. But he couldn’t get Chloe’s green eyes out of his head, the way she kissed him, the way she moved under his palms. And, fuck, the way she tasted… So, he took a deep breath and went for it, knowing this could completely end in Ethan ripping out his heart like in that Indiana Jones movie.

Grant tipped up his lips and narrowed his eyes, adopting the air of a domineering businessman. “I thought I told you that I wanted the entire house finished by the time I got back. I’m not paying you to dance around the kitchen.”

Her chest rose and fell with deep breaths, and Grant waited, on fucking pins and needles to see if she’d play along.

The only sound was the refrigerator kicking on, and he was about to laugh, and tell her he was joking, when her voice, small but gaining power, said, “But, sir, you’re home early.”

That sir went right to his cock.

He took a step toward her, smiling when she backed up into the counter behind her. “I’m only a half an hour early, and you have a lot more than half an hour of work to do. What’s your excuse?”

Her lips parted. “I—”

He stepped into her space, plucking her iPod from the waistband of her pants, setting it on the counter along with her earbuds. Her eyes fluttered closed.

“Yes?” he questioned, hands on either side of her, pinning her in.

She opened her eyes, and he stared into the swirling green pool of her irises. She was in the role now; he could feel it. “I’m sorry but I took a nap in your bed.”

Jesus, his cock twitched and he shifted, so the front of his jeans brushed her thigh. “You napped in my bed?”

She bit her lip and nodded. “I know, I w-was bad.”

God, he was going to come in his pants. He ran a hand along the outside of her thigh, teasing the skin under the hem of her shorts. “Is that all you did? Sleep?”

She shook her head.

“No? What did you do in my bed?”

“I-I touched myself.”

Her whisper was a lick across his balls. With a grip on her biceps, he spun her around, so she faced the counter. She gripped it with a cry, but didn’t struggle. Instead, she threw her head back and pushed out her ass.

He took the invitation for what it was. He lowered her shorts along with her panties, hooking the fabric under the cheeks of her ass.

He smoothed a hand over it, and reveled in the small moan she made in the back of her throat. “You know I need to punish you, right?”

She nodded, her hair bobbing.

“I’ll go easy on you if you’re truthful with me.”

“Okay, sir.”

He squeezed one cheek, then let it go, watching as the blood rushed back to the white areas made by his fingers. “What did you think about when you touched yourself?”

The hesitation was for effect, he knew it. What a little actress she was. She looked at him over her shoulder, smiling coyly and blinking under her lashes. “You, sir. I thought about you and your huge cock.”


*Arc provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review*

First Impression: Well-written, engaging, expertly executed, and FUN, a book after my heart.

Chloe is a software analyst who works from home and only allows herself to truly experience life—and sex—when she goes to comic conventions, dressed in sexy cosplay costumes that give her the carefree confidence she lacks in her day to day life. She likes the role play a lot because she feels brave in the costumes, more in control of herself and her needs. It’s at one of the conventions she goes to that she meets Grant Osprey and though they didn’t share their real names, they did share a night together. A night Grant would like to repeat, despite the fact that his convention lover turns out to be his friend and business partner’s little sister. Oops.

I freaking loved this book! It’s a quick, fast-paced read that immediately caught my attention and held me captive throughout my reading. Maybe it’s the author’s easy, seemingly effortless writing style, or maybe it’s my own experiences with going to comic conventions and being amazed by all the costumes–a few of which my own niece has designed and worn, but I instantly fell in love with Chloe and Grant’s story because I could relate to them on a very real scale. Which made for such a fun and enjoyable read for me.

If you love stories of forbidden love with fun, sexy role play between two well-drawn characters who will positively mesmerize you, Playing For Her Heart by Megan Erickson is an excellent read by an extremely talented author. Highly recommend it!





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Megan Erickson

Megan worked as a journalist covering real-life dramas before she decided she liked writing her own endings better and switched to fiction.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and two cats. When she’s not tapping away on her laptop, she’s probably listening to the characters in her head who won’t stop talking.

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