ARC Review: Your B & B or Mine? by Melissa West

Your B & B or Mine? 

Maple Cove 

Book One 

Melissa West 

165 Pages 

Release Date: 11/09/2015

Publisher: Entangled Publishing | Imprint: Entangled Bliss
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Series Romance
Series: Maple Cove

Your B & B or Mine?

All’s fair in love and war, especially in the Deep South…

Savannah Hale never planned to come back to Maple Cove, Georgia. Her hometown has too many painful memories, especially of her high school sweetheart, who was killed during combat. And yet here she is…broken-hearted from her mother’s death and left to deal with the Hale family legacy—Maple Cove’s landmark bed and breakfast. In need of repairs and near foreclosure, she’s hanging on to the B&B by a thread.

And the man out to buy it is the man she’s never been able to forgive…or forget.

Former soldier Logan Park is haunted by memories of his own. Some are of his best friend. Other are filled with longing for the girl he could never have. Now Savannah is back, and their attraction can’t be denied. But Logan has already sacrificed everything to atone for his sins, and there’s no way he’ll let himself fall for a girl who might never love again.


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* E-ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review*

I enjoyed Your B & B or Mine a lot. Not only was the story well-written and engaging, but the  two main characters were fascinating and compelling, and they pulled me into their story and the town of Maple Cove right away. Author Melissa West made it easy to understand that these two people had a deep and confusing history together, but also an electric pull that, despite spending numerous years apart, continued to tug at them.

Stories like this are among my favorites to read because I like learning about different people and what makes them tick, what makes them react the way they do to the things and people around them. What leads them to the decisions they make and what drives them to do the things that they do, and how they learn and grow from the mistakes they’ve made. It’s really fascinating to read so many stories with the same kind of scenario and yet, the story not be the same at all because the story’s people make it so fresh and unique.

Savannah and Logan have some confusing , troubling, and unfinished history between them. They’ve laughed, they’ve cried, they’ve loved, they’ve grieved, and they’ve annoyed, and still, they can’t quite seem to be done with each other. It’s this type of innate chemistry and seemingly effortless storytelling that draws me in and makes me keep reading a book. I loved Logan and Savannah’s banter and wit, but I also the pain, anger, and regret between them, too. These two care deeply about those around them and take it to heart when things don’t go as expected.

Sad, fun, angst-ridden, honest, and real, Your B & B or Mine is a fantastic romance read with a hero and heroine that will make you glad you picked up their story to read it. I know I am.

Deanna, Owner and Lead Reviewer for Okie Dreams Book Reviews




Melissa West writes heartfelt Southern romance and YA sci-fi romance, all with lots of kissing. Because who doesn’t like kissing?. She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction.

Connect with Melissa at http://www.melissawestauthor.comor on Twitter @MB_West. And for sneak peeks at upcoming works, prizes, and more, join Mel’s Madhouse:

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