Release Blitz: Rocky Mountain Wedding by Sara Richardson (Excerpt + Review + Giveaway)

Sara Richardson brings us the conclusion to her Heart of the Rockies series in this stunning, heartwarming novella. 


Rocky Mountain Wedding

Heart of the Rockies #3.5

Author: Sara Richardson
Publisher:Grand Central Publishing
Imprint: Forever Yours
Genre: RomanceContemporary Romance
Pages: 115
Release Date: April 12th 2016
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Book Summary


If anyone had told Ruby James she’d be marrying the man of her dreams after starting over at the Walker Mountain Ranch, she’d have keeled over laughing, if not crying. Yet here she is: ready to walk down the aisle with her soul mate, Sawyer Hawkins-and make the adoption of their sweet foster daughter, Brooklyn, official. But just days before the event that will make their family complete, a miraculous little wrinkle appears in her plans . . .

Ruby’s already the most beautiful woman in the world to Sawyer, but she seems to be glowing even more than usual . . . and now he knows why. Sawyer couldn’t have wished for more. Soon enough he’ll have a new wife, a new daughter, and a new bundle of joy. But not everyone sees a happy future for him and Ruby. With a blizzard rolling in, Sawyer must help his family-to-be weather a different kind of storm-and clear the skies for an unforgettable Rocky Mountain wedding.

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Book Excerpt

From Rocky Mountain Wedding by Sara Richardson:

As a little girl, Ruby had dreamed about her wedding day.

In the midst of the ugliness and fear that had filled her world, she would imagine that someday everything would change. She’d pictured it happening the same way it had for Cinderella—the white horse and carriage, the prince, the castle so lovely and enchanted and the entire town celebrating.

What she saw in front of her was even more beautiful than a fairy tale like that. Because it was real. From her place on the top tier of the ranch’s back patio, she gazed out on the powdered mountain peaks glowing in the soft pink light of the setting sun. She saw the evergreens—their branches laden with last night’s snowfall—sheltering the perimeter of the beautiful stone patio below, where all of her favorite people in the world had gathered near the wooden arch Sawyer had built himself.

Tiki torches lined the edges, adding to the glow of warmth and happiness, despite forty-degree temperatures. They’d known it would be cold, so they’d decided to keep the ceremony short, but she could stand up here for hours, watching their few bundled guests mingle in hushed excitement—Sawyer’s parents; Elsie and Thomas, who had agreed to marry them; a couple of the ranch hands and guides; a whole crew of Sawyer’s colleagues, dressed in their starched uniforms.

The harpist they’d hired started to play, delicate notes floating on the calm mountain breeze. As if on cue, the door to the pool house north of the patio opened and Sawyer emerged, looking so tall and strong, so handsome in a crisp white shirt and pressed khakis. The groomsmen followed him—Bryce and Ben and Isaac—all of them tugging on their bow ties as though they were being strangled.

Ruby couldn’t help but laugh. At least she hadn’t made them wear tuxes. They probably would’ve staged a revolt.

“Ready?” Paige asked, bouncing up and down like she couldn’t wait anymore.

Ruby reached over and grabbed Brookie’s hand. They were going to walk down the aisle together, but they had to go last.

“After you.” Ruby stepped aside so Paige and Avery and Julia could start the parade. They moved down the center of the crowd in a slow processional, even Paige, which was a miracle given how fast that woman usually liked to go.

“Mom?” Brookie tugged on the skirt of her dress.

She leaned down. “What is it, sweet girl?”

“I’m so nervous,” her daughter whispered. “There’s a lot of people down there.”

She knelt. “Don’t focus on the people, honey.” She smoothed Brookie’s lovely hair. “This is about you and Dad and me. That’s all. Focus on the three of us. On our family.”

My Thoughts


*ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review*

In Rocky Mountain Wedding, the beautiful and heartwarming final novella in author Sara Richardson’s Heart of the Rockies series, Ruby James and Sawyer Hawkins are four days out from tying the knot. But life has thrown a few kinks in their plans by presenting them with a few more challenges before they get their happily ever after, challenges that test them both as individuals and as a couple.

I really loved this novella. It was well-written, fast-paced, and heartfelt, and it gave both Ruby and Sawyer, and all of the characters we’ve come to know and love in the Heart of the Rockies series, a fantastic ending. It showed Ruby and Sawyer facing some true-to-life challenges and learning how to deal with those challenges as individuals, as a couple, as a family, and as part of a larger community. I absolutely adored the sense of belonging and coming together as a family in not only this novella, but in the entire Heart of the Rockies series. Each book of the series can be read as a standalone, but when read in conjunction, this series is a beautiful, poignant look into what it means to hope, to fit in, to belong, and to matter. And Rocky Mountain Wedding is the perfect ending to an already perfect series.

Beautiful story. Beautiful series. Beautiful, poignant ending.

Rating: 5 Stars


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About The Author

RichardsonNOBETTERMANSaraSara Richardson grew up chasing adventure in Colorado’s rugged mountains. She’s climbed to the top of a 14,000 foot peak at midnight, swum through Class IV rapids, completed her wilderness first-aid certification, and spent seven days at a time tromping through the wilderness with a thirty-pound backpack strapped to her shoulders.

Eventually Sara did the responsible thing and got an education in writing and journalism. After a brief stint in the corporate writing world, she stopped ignoring the voices in her head and started writing fiction. Now she uses her experience as a mountain adventure guide to write stories that incorporate adventure with romance. Still indulging her adventurous spirit, Sara lives and plays in Colorado with her saint of a husband and two young sons.

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