David Nix is an author of science fiction, historical romance, and, most recently and most dear to his heart, historical westerns. The Jake Paynter series brings together fact and fiction to explore places, people, and themes precious to him. He lives in Austin.

Dead Man’s Hand Review

Condemned to die, he’s about to find a reason to live.

Jake Paynter is a doomed man. Haunted by an abusive childhood and his participation in atrocities of the Civil War, he seeks the isolation of the Plains Cavalry as a white officer for an all-Black buffalo soldier troop. Now, he is in irons and certain to be hanged for killing his captain after refusing an inhumane order. Despite his best efforts to maintain isolation, he starts to make friends on his journey to trial. The people of the wagon train begin looking to Paynter for leadership, and he reluctantly falls into the role.

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