Taylor Swift Song Thoughts (LWYMMD Review)

Taylor Swift Song Thoughts…

…there are many. One only has to log onto twitter to find them. Especially today. Taylor Swift is all over the place, and the theories about the meaning of her song, Look What You Made Me Do, are running rampant among fans and media alike. Yet one thing everyone seems to agree on…this is definitely a new, angrier Taylor Swift. And most likely, that is exactly what she wants us to see…and think.


Taylor Swift Reputation Album CoverNobody does album promo and music track fanfare better than Taylor Swift. The hype surrounding the first single from Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation (out in Nov), grew to epic proportions in the Twitter-sphere this week. And once Look What You Made Me Do, her newest single, released just before midnight on Thursday, the hype has only continued to grow. With article after article being written about everything from the new song’s lyrics to her many celebrity feuds with people like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas. There are others. Lots of others. And there’s the press, too.

Personally, until recently, I was never a big fan of Swift. I heard her music. Liked some of her songs. Mostly the country ones. I bought a few of her CDs for my 11 year-old niece that loves her. But I didn’t buy it or stream it for me. They played her songs so much it made it hard to want to own the album and listen to it elsewhere. However, I do know her songs and enjoy them a lot more now. And I like her new song. A lot. It’s catchy, has a great dance vibe, and it has bite. Not sure who that bite is toward and honestly, I don’t care, but lyrically and melodically, I do enjoy listening to the track.

Look What You Made Me Do is not like anything else out there and I like that. No, scratch that. I love that. I love that Swift constantly reinvents herself musically. That’s the mark of a true artist-a great artist-and no matter what else is said about her, Taylor Swift is a great artist. Perhaps, one of the greatest of our time.

Lyrically, Swift has some of-if not the best-songs out there. They’re catchy and they say something, each and every time. And people can relate to her music because it’s raw, honest, and she doesn’t hold back when she’s expressing what she’s feeling or experienced. That’s incredibly brave and no matter if there is a certain amount of PR manipulation that goes on behind the scenes, the girl can write a good song. She’s proven it, over and over and over again.

Is it a diss track?

Looking at the lyrics of Look What You Made Me Do, a lot can be inferred. People can find evidence to support their own diss track theory, for sure. I’ve seen mention of Kanye West and Katy Perry tilting stages among other things. The line ‘you’ll all get yours‘ seems to imply the song is about multiple people (Kanye and Kim? Katy Perry? The media? T-Swift Haters?). A few of the lyrics made me think of some of the tracks on Harry Styles’ album as well, though I doubt any of the lyrics are actually about him or in response to anything he wrote on his album.

But is the song about any one of these aforementioned people? Who knows. What I do know is that I like listening to it, and that, to me, is the most important thing about it. How about you?

Updated 08/27/2017: If you’ve seen the video for LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, there is an obvious meaning behind the lyrics and an even more obvious target: pretty much everyone who has wronged and talked smack about Taylor Swift. For the record, that’s a lot of people.

You can order Look What You Made Me Do at one of the sites below.

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You can watch the video for LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO below.

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