Family Reunions

Taking on the Billionaire by Robin Covington (Book Review)

With Taking on the Billionaire, bestselling author Robin Covington introduces Harlequin Desire readers to a brand new series, Redhawk Reunion. Though Covington has published with other publishers in the past, this is the author’s first book with Harlequin publishing imprints. Meet Adam Redhawk and Tess Lynch…. will the woman he can’t resist be his downfall?

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Her Stolen Past Movie Trailer (Lifetime Movie Network)

In HER STOLEN PAST, a movie based on the novel by Lynette Eason, a woman is shocked to discover a kidnapped baby’s birth certificate among her late mothers things. But while she goes digging into the past for answers, someone else will stop at nothing to keep the truth from being revealed. Watch the trailer now and see the movie when it premieres on Feb 2nd at 7pm CST on the Lifetime Movie Network

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