In August 2020, I received my Masters of Science in Criminology with a focus in Human Behavior. My master’s thesis was on high-profile US male serial killers and the potential impact that childhood trauma may have had on the level of violence and dehumanization they showed toward their victims. As a result of my thesis, I studied a lot of different serial killers, everything from their childhood and teen years to their murder style and victim treatment. I did a lot of research into serial murder, childhood trauma, violence, and dehumanization. Below are some of the books I purchased, read, and utilized in my paper. So whether you are a suspense writer doing serial killer research or a true crime buff in general, there is sure to be something here for you to read.

I did not include the books on childhood trauma and its impact on the brain and psychological development here. I will do a separate post for those books at a later date. I will also do a separate post on writing reference books and some of the other research books in my library, each on a variety of different topics.


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