Heat Level

Heat Levels


Light (Light-Heat) – a sweet romantic read with light to moderate romantic tension and/or sexual tension (no sex/love scenes in this read)

Sweet & Mild  (Sweet, Mild, or Mildly Hot)- a sweet romance with closed door sex, or mildly described sex

Sweet & Hot (Hot & Sweet) – a sweet romance with open door love scene, great sexual tension, and hot, sexy, and/or spicy love scenes (but not overtly graphic)

Hot & Sizzling  – open door love scenes with loads of sexual tension and graphic sex. These are your sex first, relationship later stories with very hot descriptions

Steamy – Dark, sensual love story. Lots of sexual tension. Heavy, graphic love scenes with an alpha male who oozes sex and a heroine who can’t resist him.

Blazing Hot – Contains explicit sex with some seriously dirty-mouthed characters and lots of sex scenes.

Scorching  – Contains a lot of explicit sex with characters who can’t keep their hands off each other, have dirty-mouths, and lots of sexy times. This is a scorching hot read that leaves no stone unturned and may require a cold shower or two.

Out of Control Burn – Extremely explicit sex scenes. May contain a threesome or BDSM. You may need the fire department to come hose you down after reading this story.

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