Moral of the Story by Deanna Lynn (Flash Fiction 1)


JANUARY 29, 2021

Each Friday, I will do my best to post some sort of off the cuff flash fiction piece. More than anything, it’s just a way to engage my writer’s brain. Do something fun, quick, and short. Something that may or may not be romance based (this one isn’t). And entirely unedited and unfiltered.

If you want to join me and post your own flash fiction piece, feel free to do so in the comments. I’d love to check them out.

Flash Fiction Friday


Flash Fiction #1

By Deanna Lynn

(317 Words)

Moral of the Story by Deanna LynnShe could hear him crying. A tiny whimper, a wracking sob.

She should go to him.

But if she went, what would he learn about consequences? About punishment. About costs.

Another sob, pitiful in its heartbreak.

She couldn’t let him cry all night, could she? What would that teach him?

That she didn’t care if he hurt. That she didn’t care if he cried.

If he was so upset his small body physically jolted with his upset.

Her own mother wouldn’t even hesitate.

She would go to him.

Would’ve already gone to him the second she heard the first sob.

Of course, her father would tell her to leave him be.

Allow him time to process. To ruminate on what he did.

The reason she punished him.

Yet, at three, did Jonah really understand all that?

Part of her thought he might. The other part wondered if he would feel betrayed. Or think she didn’t love him like she did his older brother and sister. That she didn’t care if he cried. If he hurt.

That…bothered her. Bothered her enough that she pushed back her down comforter and stood.

She shoved her feet into well-worn house shoes then made the short trek across the hall.

She could still hear him, sobbing and moving around on his bed. Whimpering nonsensical words into…something. A pillow. His blanket.

She opened the door. He lifted his head, his rounded cheeks stained with tears as he looked up at her. Fought back another sob.

She made the right decision. Other mothers may disagree with her. But she didn’t care.

Her baby was crying. He hurt. And in the end, it was her job to make it better.

Later, she would make him understand what he did wrong. That locking his siblings outside in the heavy rain wasn’t okay. Even if it was a little funny, to him and, albeit secretly, to her.

* * *



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