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A SEAL’s Temptation

Uniformly Hot SEALs

Book Nine

Tawny Weber

288 Pages

Release Date: 09/01/2015 (Ebook); 08/18/2015 (PB)

Publisher: Harlequin | Imprint: Blaze
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Series Romance
Genre: Military Romance | Series: Uniformly Hot SEALs

9780373798636.inddSubject: Navy SEAL Shane “Scavenger” O’Brian

Mission: Seduce and satisfy Lark Sommers!

Lark Sommers’s dry spell is officially a sex-starved desert. Since taking over her mom’s quirky coffee shop in Nowhere, Idaho—putting her own career on permanent hold—Lark’s been, well, miserable. But her friends have a plan…one that starts with a superhot guy with a rockin’ hard bod.

US Navy SEAL Shane O’Brian has no clue he’s being set up. All he knows is that Lark does incredible things to his libido. Still, Shane can’t quite bring himself to tell her what he does for a living. After all, their risqué business is temporary—no strings, no falling in love.

Especially when there’s no way this SEAL would ever be tempted into anything more than a sexy little fling…

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From A SEAL’s Temptation by Tawny Weber:

Oh, my.

He was gorgeous.

Wasn’t he gorgeous?

She thought so, but the room had taken a nice, slow spin so which she was sure accounted for the sudden dizziness filling her head and the odd tightness in her belly.  Resting her hand on the doorframe, Lark blinked a couple of times so she could see him more clearly.

And oh, boy, was she glad she did.

Because she’d been right.  He was gorgeous. Sara had been right, he definitely had a little Greek god in there somewhere.

Tall, close to a foot over her own five-four, he a swimmer’s build.  Broad shoulders, a slender waist and long, long legs.  The kind of body that would look might sweet naked but for a gleaming coat of oil.

His dark brown hair was cut super short, the top spiked in a way that looked like he’d ran his hands through it’s thickness while it was wet and left it at that.  Unlike Sara’s round sweetness, her brother’s face was narrow, with slashing brows and a full mouth.

Oh, that mouth.  Those lips.  Mmm.  Lark wet her lips while imagining doing the same to his.  She was pretty sure she could spend hours nibbling on that bottom lip of his and still not be satisfied.

She’d bet if he were doing the nibbling, her satisfaction would be guaranteed.  She didn’t know if it was all the talk of sex today, or if he was simply the most desirable man she’d ever seen in her life.  Either or both got credit for the images flooding her mind.

The two of them, naked.  Oh yeah, she’d bet he was even better naked.  Long, lean and luscious, he’d know what to do with his body.  Better yet, he’d know what to do with hers. She’d bet he could do things she’d only read about in those sexy romance novels.


*ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review *

A SEAL’s Temptation by Tawny Weber is the ninth book in the author’s Uniformly Hot SEALs series for Harlequin Blaze. In the story, Lark Sommers’s friends are trying to convince her to stick around town by fixing her up with a hot, sexy, temporary guy who can make her laugh and sex her up and give her back some of the happiness she’s lost since moving to Idaho from California a year and a half ago. Who they find is Shane O’Brian, a U.S. Navy SEAL, though Lark doesn’t know it, and one hot as hell man who wants her without question.

Lark has lost her belief in magic, in love, but Shane is someone who can help her find it again, with the added bonus of her giving him a place to belong and fit in. To matter. Which leads to a perfect set of circumstances for a real romance to develop between them.

I really loved this read. It was all kinds of well-written, hot, sexy, fun, and I loved both the main and secondary characters from the start. Lark is someone I could easily relate to because we both share a past in—and love for—ceramics . Shane is a man I could both like and fall in love with in real life because despite his dangerous and heroic job that keeps him away from home, he’s still just a man who loves his family, though he doesn’t feel like he quite fits in with their collective view of him. And who hasn’t felt that way at one time or another with their family?

This book was a quick, fast-paced, and easy read for me. The story just swept me along in an almost effortless feeling progression that worked flawlessly and had a romance that developed both believably and naturally to the characters. I believed they could meet and fall in love this way, and the chemistry between them was wicked-hot, too. And I had the most fun reading and getting to know all the secondary characters in this, all of them well-meaning and concerned about our hero and heroine and their lack of love.

If you love your romance with sexy heated fun and your hero and heroine with some fun, quirky, well-meaning friends and family, A SEAL’s Temptation by Tawny Weber is a fantastic category romance read sure to make you a dedicated fan of the author, the Uniformly Hot SEALs series, and the Harlequin Blaze line. Highly recommend this read!





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Tawny Weber Author Photo

New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of thirty books and counting, Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first one hit the shelves in 2007. A fan of Johnny Depp, cupcakes and color coordination, she spends a lot of her time shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking and hanging out on Facebook.

Readers can check out Tawny’s books at her website,, or join her Red Hot Readers Club for goodies like free reads, complete first chapter excerpts, recipes, insider story info and much more.

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    • Thanks for stopping by the blog, Tawny! I loved A SEALs Temptation. It was a fantastic read.

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    • Aren’t Tawny’s SEALs fantastic? I love them more and more with each and every book. And Shane was very yummy indeed!

  • What a great story and series. Loved this book, loved the series, can’t wait for the next book.


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