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Write For Us

Do you enjoy talking about books, movies, music, and television? Do you want to share your thoughts about your latest read, a newly purchased album, your favorite TV show, or a movie you watched last night? Do you have a great idea for a feature article or a food, fashion, or lifestyle piece? Have you dreamed of connecting with your favorite authors, artists, and actors? Well, if your interest lies in any of the above topics, you’ve come to the right place and we want you to write for us.

Okie Dreams is currently seeking writers and reviewers for several voluntary unpaid positions. We need people who are passionate about their interests and who are willing to share their passion and interests with our site readers.

We want fans of daytime, primetime, Hulu, Netflix, and other television sites as well as movie and music buffs across all genres, avid book readers who love to talk about their favorite authors and their latest literary finds, and people who love to discuss health, technology, food & dining, and other lifestyle related topics.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having articles and reviews published online, or you already have stories published online but would like to expand your portfolio to include another website, now is your chance to turn those dreams into reality by applying to become a member of the Okie Dreams staff.

Contact Deanna Lynn at deanna@okiedreams.com if interested in joining the Okie Dreams staff.