Shawn Mendes releases new single, “In My Blood”

Listen To Shawn Mendes’ new single “In My Blood”

“In My Blood” is the first track from singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated third album

Shawn Mendes from his 2017 MTV Unplugged special. Source: MTV

Shawn Mendes tackles some important themes in his latest release, “In My Blood.” In the lyrics, Mendes sings about anxiety, loneliness, and the temptation to give up but the determination and will to keep going because “giving up… isn’t in my blood.” A powerful statement, and one many people can relate to as well.

No details as of yet on when the third full-length Shawn Mendes album will drop, but some fans and online media outlets speculate it could be as early as tomorrow, March 23rd. After all, the singer-songwriter has been teasing the dates of March 22nd and 23rd for a while now and considering a new single dropped today, March 22nd, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Mendes could surprise fans with an album release on March 23rd (He didn’t. He released another new song instead, “Lost In Japan.”).

“In My Blood” has already hit the number one spot on the iTunes chart and fans are in a frenzy on social media discussing the song and what else may await them on the next Shawn Mendes album. One thing is for sure, though, whenever Mendes does drop his next album, fans are ready and waiting for it.

“In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan” are available to stream or download now on iTunes, Spotify, and other online music retailers.

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Hear Shawn Mendes’ second new song “Lost in Japan” now



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