Pre-Order On The Rocks by Midland! (Out Sept 22nd!)

Pre-Order Midland’s upcoming album, On The Rocks (Out Sept 22nd) now!

On The Rocks includes the popular country song, Drinkin’ Problem, and Midland’s brand new single, Make A Little.

If you love country music and haven’t heard of this band yet, take a listen below and then pre-order their soon-to-be-released album, On The Rocks!

Here is Midland’s Official Music Video for Drinkin’ Problem

Pre-Order Midland’s On The Rocks Below!

Midland is an American country music group consisting of Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy, and Jess Carson. The group has charted in the top 40 of Country Airplay with its debut single “Drinkin’ Problem“.

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