New Book Releases Next Week (August 27th 2017)

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New Book Releases Next Week

August 27th 2017

In books next week, we have an exclusive author interview with historical romance author, Anna Harrington, where we discuss her writing process and her newest release, When The Scoundrel Sins. We will also have details about a few other new book releases next week, complete with graphic teasers, excerpts, and reviews.

The books we’ve scheduled to feature next week are:

Rebel (The Renegades, #3) Drift When the Scoundrel Sins (Capturing the Carlisles, #2)

Here Comes the Bride Hard Justice (Alpha Security, #3) Take to the Limit (Unbroken Heroes #4)

Need You Now (Cloud Bay #1) Wild Ride Cowboy (Copper Ridge, #9) Disorderly Conduct (The Academy, #1)

The Coldest Fear (Shades of Death #3)


All of the above books release next week, most of them on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for those. And be sure to check back here on Monday, August 27th, because we will be posting our first two book reviews here at, with more reviews to follow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Also on Tuesday, we will be posting our first author interview-an exclusive Q & A with regency romance author Anna Harrington! You don’t want to miss it!

And if that isn’t enough, we will also have a book review up for indie author Penelope Ward’s newest release, Drunk Dial. So if you haven’t read it or heard about it yet, we’ll be discussing it next week, too!

Drunk Dial

What books are you excited about reading right now? Any of them on our list of books for next week?



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