Lindsay Ell Releases The Project!

Lindsay Ell – The Project

Lindsay Ell - The Project - Album Cover

Lindsay Ell releases her debut album, The Project, a twelve track country album that could easily crossover into the country-pop realm. Give it a listen. I’ve had it on repeat since I downloaded it and there isn’t a single song on it that I don’t love. I will say, though, my personal favorites on the album are Champagne, Wildfire, Just Another Girl, and Waiting On You.

Genre: Country | Released: August 10th, 2017
© 2017 Stoney Creek Records

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Full Album Track List

01. Waiting On You
02. Champagne
03. Castle
04. Good
05. Wildfire
06. Mint
07. White Noise
08. Criminal
09. Just Another Girl
10. Space
11. Always Kiss The Girl
12. Worth The Wait


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