Harry Styles Performed in BBC Live Lounge (Fleetwood Mac The Chain!)

Harry Styles Performed in BBC Live LoungeHarry Styles performed in BBC Live Lounge this morning, two full days ahead of his scheduled performance as Monday’s original guest, The Killers, couldn’t perform due to the hurricane in Florida. During his set, Styles performed three songs, “Sign of the Times” and “Two Ghosts” from his debut album, Harry Styles, and a brilliant cover of Fleetwood Mac’s song, “The Chain”.

Harry Styles Performed in BBC Live Lounge

If you have any doubt about Harry Styles’s solo singing capabilities since One Direction went on hiatus in December 2015, just check out one of the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge videos below. Styles’s voice sounds fantastic and so does his backup band. And if this Live Lounge performance is any indication of his upcoming Harry Styles Live In Tour shows, fans are in for a serious treat as Styles sounds better than ever.

Watch Harry Styles Perform “Sign of the Times”

Watch Harry Styles Perform “Two Ghosts”

Watch Harry Styles Perform “The Chain”

What do you think of Styles’s performance of “The Chain”?
Think he did Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac proud?

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