Artist Spotlight: Evaride (Alternative Rock Band)

Artist Spotlight: Evaride

Evaride is a Los Angeles based pop-rock band who recently released their debut single, Heartless. Formed back in January 2017, Evaride consists of lead vocalist Sean Murray (Static Stereo), guitarist Hayden Maringer (Maringer Music), and One Direction drummer, Josh Devine.

Management: Ken Lane and Prime Wave (Twitter)
Debut Single: Heartless | Released: August 10th 2017
Find it: iTunes | Amazon | Spotify
Evaride Online: Official WebsiteSpotify | iTunes | YouTube
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Josh: Twitter | Sean: Twitter | Hayden: WebsiteTwitter | Facebook

If you haven’t yet heard this band, take a listen to their debut single, Heartless, and let us know what you think of it in the comments. Soaring rock vocals and beautiful harmonies that are reminiscent of some of the genre’s best groups, Evaride’s first single is a mega promising start for this newly formed band.

You can check out their acoustic video for the song below.



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